Thursday, July 11, 2013

Le Creuset Utensils

Le Creuset's products are of exceptional quality, especially their cast iron wares.

But for Monkey who's so vain beyond this celestial world, it's all about Le Creuset's aesthetic look!!!
because even if I don't use them, they looked so PRETTY in my kitchen!!!!
wahhahahahhaa *u may now whack my head with watever pots u have*

Just like for my handbags, I do collect them by colors.
JS said I can merchandise all my Bottega Veneta bags by colors by season by year by production!!
it's then that I'll argued he can merchandise all his wines by parcel, by winemakers, by vintages.

enuff said......there's no ending to this argument bcoz both of us knew, we have passions beyond words which is so weird. He'll stare at his collection sighing passionately like they were his most precious thing while Monkey will occasionally sniff sniff her leather goods to the horror of JS.

JS: "Did I see u opening the dust bag to sniff at that Chanel???"
Monkey: "WUT?? U can sniff all the wine corks u want!!!"

knowing how vain I am, Hot Mama Thevi got Monkey something to match her pot and her upcoming passion for baking hahahahahaha...yes upcoming I said.

Ta-DA!!!!!! in Caribbean Blue!!!
to match with my oval shaped Le Creuset French Oven
*read about it here*

Thank you Hot Mama Thevi!!!
I lurve it!!! been using it ever since hehehehehee :)))))))))

Tmrw I am invading the Great Sales *again* and can't wait to lay my hands and eyes and my exhausted credit card on them!!!! woohoooooo


Anonymous said...

Hi. Very nice! Is Le Creuset having a sale event? Can kindly share the details?

CHER-RY said...

yup the Great Singapore Sale. Think Tang's is still having the special promo. :)

Chasing Food Dreams said...

I may not be a handbag collector but I am a kitchen collector!!! lol

I may not collect Le Creuset but I hope to in the future... hehehe.. right now I ll just stick to collecting any thing to do with a kitchen... ;)

Happy Shopping!

Blogger said...

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