Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Nirvana Banana Leaf Rice, Bangsar

There's alwiz something comforting about Banana Leaf Rice, isn't it?
Last Saturday, Monkey woke up craving for one :P and off we went to Bangsar for it.

Many of my friends boycotted this place - Nirvana for its pricey food. Dunno why I've returned over and over again, time after time.....they must have inserted cocaine into their curries for my occasional returns and addiction. :P

Dried Mutton Curry was succulent, each piece tears apart easily...

Hot Mama Thevi told me they served the best Mutton Fried Rice here but I have yet to have the opportunity to try. Coz whenever we are here during the day, it's Banana Leaf Rice...and at nite after clubbing it's usually Thosai with Ghee!!!! hahahahaha Yes I need all those greasy food to sober me up.

Deep fried fresh squid, served with crunchy curry leaves, dried chilis and freshly cut red onions. Squeeze some lime over it and woilaaaaaa...so so so sinful and yummy. This was fried on the spot fresh for u. 


Usually Banana Leaf Rice is served with a few condiments of vegetables
seen here are the fried bitter gourd, spinach cooked in dhal, fresh cucumber yogurt salad.
also 2 pieces of deep fried chili stuffed with sea salt, and a sour condiments of green beans.

a heap of par boiled rice, before being drizzled with gravy of your choice. Traditionally only vegetarian gravy were served bcoz banana leaf rice is meant to be a vegetarian dish. But these days, it's such a luxury to eat them, u'll have crab curry, meat curry, seafood and all~~~~


Now I am looking forward to try another good place recommended by friends at Appu's...need to find time this weekend but again I will be away. My home will definitely miss me :))))))))

Nirvana Banan Leaf Rice
No. 43, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2287 8445


Chasing Food Dreams said...

me too love this... someone told me to go Ravi's at Gasing... and yes, I always go for either sotong or fried fish for my banana leaf rice but a must for me is to 'banjir' my rice... lol... XD

elle said...

Banana leaf rice is my weakness T.T I used to go to Nirwana religiously until one indian friend brought me to the 1st floor of Devi's Corner (still at Bangsar, the corner lot near Nirwana) and I've switched ever since. Their fish curry beats the crap out of Nirwana's -with chunks of fish meat!- and they won't charge you if you wanna tambah stuff! There's also the happy side benefit of air cond ^^

Anonymous said...

Alamak...now you made me crave for banana leaf rice with lotsa curry gravy :-p

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: Hahahah yes I've been to Ravis and also Lotus at Gasing. Both are good and cheaper :))

Elle: Thank you Elle for dropping by, yup a few of my friends have recommended Devi's and they said it's much better. Will try soon :))) thanks again.

Melissa: so did u have banana leaf rice last week? nyek nyek nyek