Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hutong @ The Shard, London

The Shard is a 72 storey booming sharp skyscraper in London.
Monkey has yet to visit it, coz when we were there, it was still under construction

Just opened to public this year in February, it boost of 1,200,000 sq ft
wah there's a lot of space to be rented out and developed

Shangri-la will be occupying 16 floors, with 24 floors of office space, 12 residential floors. Its viewing deck is a spectacular 4 floors with and additional 22 levels of spire.

the viewing deck offers a spectacular panoramic sight of London.
currently it is tallest building in European Union.

well the name spells it all...the Shard....shard of London
right smack in the middle of London, very near to the London Bridge. I guess to the chinese, it is such an eyesore :P

Monkey received the newsletter from Hutong yesterday...
oh and so Hutong opened their first out of Asia establishment at The Shard on the 33rd floor. Must be quite a view there. Even their restaurant in Hong Kong is really stunning.

Read about Monkey's visit to Hutong Hong Kong *here*
so whoever that's in London, do give it a try...:))))

these days, sky dining is really popular *that includes Le Jules Verne at Eiffel Tower Paris*...some have hits and misses and I hope this one maintains its reputation especially their crispy de-deboned lamb ribs....*drools*


Chasing Food Dreams said...

what a name.. The Shard. It does suit the architecture of the building though... its really a masterpiece!

Carin Robert said...

The glass panes are the highlight of the shrad and it reflects the sky and sunlight.