Monday, March 04, 2013

Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee, Singapore

Like addicts, we needed our daily morning fix. Else nothing in our body can function....not even our souls... So when J&J came and picked us up...our first destination was to get our "fix". Yup J&J are coffee addicts too.

Soon I found myself walking, tailing behind J&J Jelina while the other half was parking his mean machine.

Off Topic:
I noticed that J&J James lurve mean things...his hi-tech computers with multiple screens *nope he's not into this sort of computer gaming*....his fast cars, all the toys for boys and not to forget his Mean Wife--> J&J Jelina...not that she's mean in this way but she's a Mean COOK!!!! From not knowing to cook anything 2 years back, now she makes the meanest imperial stock in town, baked the fluffiest softest Pandan Chiffon Cake, Roast the yummiest beef, Prepared the troublesome-2-pages-of-ingredients-long Thai noodle Khao Soi, and one of the best fish head curry in town....

As I was tailgating J&J Jelina, I noticed we were walking into the yard of a hardware store...are we going for bolts and nuts instead of coffee maam???? Do u need something for your husband's toolbox here???

Then the aroma and whiff of roasted coffee beans hit my face
aaAAaaaaaaa and I got confused...where is this??? A lil cafe behind this closed gates?

There was a Roastery with all the mean machines to roast their beans, a cafe for dining, a bar just to enjoy your coffee, a retail area for you to stock on more roasted beans and gadgets related to...oh

Sorry folks, I should have taken more pics but Monkey was too bz yakking and yakking away. My phone batt was on

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