Monday, March 11, 2013

My other canteen Sumi-ka Yakitori

Tell me, who can resist perfectly grilled pieces of meat on sticks?? I supposed anything BBQed and grilled have their huge following of fans :)))

The above pic was grilled chicken soft bones....I like my yakitori with japanese spices - Shichimi Togarashi. It's like a 7 flavour chili pepper. Sorry I can't live without my daily dosage of chilis.

Take a guess....wat is this?? :)))))))))
grilled garlic wrapped with chicken skin!!!!
ohhhhh drool~~~~ yummsss

Surprisingly the garlic was sweet, it didn't have the usual spicy heat pungent taste of raw garlic. My gawd...the trouble of wrapping each garlic with chicken skin...So folks eat with care and joy bcoz a lot of work, love and efforts were put into each stick of yakitori here

japanese burdock wrapped with bacon and 2 sticks of pork belly
no sauce nothing...just salt!!!!

Sumi-ka is now our canteen with weekly visits *sometimes more than once a week*

if we come here that often, u should know why hehehehehe :))))))))
simple yakitori, fuss free, super duper yummy can die food and friendly service.

Mushrooms!!!! it looked dry eh? coz there's no sauce on it
Nothing...just grilled to yummy perfection
when u sink ur teeth in...the burst of earthiness of the mushrooms just engulfed your tongue!!!

Another different type of mushrooms - shiitake
as u can see, no sauce
well just like a beautiful lady...u just don't need makeup
same goes for great food...u dunnit plenty of sauce to mask its original taste!!!

My favourite Chicken skin and Chicken knuckles!!!
oh damn...I can just come here for sticks after sticks after sticks of chicken skin
double damn my cholesterol level!!!!

Grilled Onigiri!!!
It's so simple and yummy!! How did Chef do it????
fluffy soft rice on the inside...and crispy almost popcorn-liked on the outside

What is yakitori without chicken wings right???
Chef grilled them slowly over the charcoal fire...

If you do come here, please book seats by the counter. That's like the best seating to watch Chef grilling your food. Well doesn't matter the smell that lingers onto your clothes and hair, when food is this good....u dun really care :P

Something sweet to go with the wings, I've ordered shallots!!!
see the caramelisation!!! awesome!!!

Beef Tongue? I can't remember coz Monkey didn't have this....was pretty full and with limited capacity in my stomach, I can only order things that I can't live without

Monkey and Mean Xer
holding our favourite sticks
yum yum yum nom nom nom gobble gobble gobble

this was a Welcome-Home-Dinner for Mean Xer
she was almost dying in Melbourne...hey dude u were there just for like errrr 5 days??

but I have to agree, Melbourne is such an old folks home place. So boring. Maybe if I want to retire, that would be the place to be....but again weather can be 4 seasons in a day. But Sydney is cool....I don't mind Sydney though :)))))

To compensate for all the meat we had.....we also ordered vegetables - grilled aubergine
once the skin turned black, Chef stripped it off and removed the yummy sweet flesh onto the plate...dashed some sauce before topping it up with bonito flakes. Served with grated ginger on the side. Simple but really yummy!!!

Dr. Epicurean and JS
I call them the new gay partners in town :P
JS was so protective of his partner

JS: "hey hey hey.....stop interrogating my friend!!!!"
Mean Xer and Monkey -_-"

hey even I don't get that sort of privilege. If anyone bam-bu me, I get it straight...he'll never say hey hey stop bam-bu-ing my gf...

minutes later
JS: "Please stop interrogating my friend......" and raised both of his hands up to stop us.
Mean Xer and Monkey >.<

Since we can't interrogate anymore, we better stuff our face with more food
Yakitori of Oysters stuffed with shiso leaves, wrapped with bacon

first, u bite into the crispy bacon, before getting the middle part of soft fresh oysters. And finally the bursting flavour, aroma and pungency of shiso leaves.

everyone's favourite....must have......if they don't have this, I will bang table!!!
Grilled pork knuckle with crispy burnt skin, soft tendons and fat on the inside. Served with simple Japanese vinaigrette

Thank you to Dr. Epicurean for introducing this place to us last year
we love it to pieces!!!

and Welcome Home Mean Xer!!!
KL was less havoc without u around hua hua hua :P

Read about our first visit *here*
better pics coz JS brought his Tai Farn Shue camera

Sumi-ka Yakitori
No. 19, 1st Floor, *directly opp ayam penyet*
Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 603 5632 9312/ 6016 224 9312


Chasing Food Dreams said...

holy smoke... that onigiri & yakitori of oysters... sigh... I gotta plan a visit soon.... XD

CHER-RY said...

U must visit ASAP!!!!