Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At Work...

Yeah nice view eh? But this isn't my office hahahaha.

I used to work at Menara Maxis on the high floors. Almost next to the KLCC bridge...so then I found it no point to queue up with all the tourists to get up to this bridge when my office was just on the same level. Now thinking about it, it isn't such a bad idea after all huh? There's alwiz the first time for everything in life. :)) Agree?

so back to work, 2 weeks ago Monkey was instructed to arrive as early as possible to catch the morning SUN. Oh yea I'm an early person so this pose no problem for me at all. But it's so tempting when the sky is cloudless with sufficient sun and this beautiful swimming pool.....I felt like diving in...in my stilettos hahahaha.

The "toolbox" of a makeup artist....the number of brushes.....O.O
actually a chef would have the same number of knives
an engineer will have his own toolbox

even a sommelier has got different wine openers and corkscrews
so what does monkey have??? :D:D:D u won't wanna know.....my killer stilettos :P

we were shooting at this luxury condominium by the KLCC Park
so technically it's called Binjai on the Park
Such a nice and cozy lobby~~~~

Now I understand why the stylist needed me to be early to catch the sun
the stylist and photog wanted to capture the early sun rays
and of coz it was blarddy hot

the assistant was fanning us with his portable reflector during break time.....aaaAAAaaaa
now I found new usage for it...apart from reflecting lights hahahahaha
it was big enuff to fan a group of 5 people

everyone was a few shades darker after the photo shoot :P
while the male model was soaking in his Boss suit. Hahahaha.

but the hardwork eventually paid off...
the end results was stunning!!!!
yeah took us 1.5 hours to style the models and another 1.5 hours just to shoot it...

can't wait to see it on the magazine :))))
Happy Tuesday folks :)))

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