Friday, March 15, 2013

Soo Kee, Imbi

Beef Hor Fun
the most awesome beef noodle in town....if u do know of a better one please let me know too :))

It's Fashion Week in town....everyday there's something happening from shows to more shows and shows and shows on the runways. I do enjoy shows but I enjoy my food more :)))))

Since the ladies were in hungers since the very same morning...we decided to pile on some carbs nearby Bukit Bintang area. So here we are!!!!

the other star of Soo Kee is the Sang Har Meen
somehow last nite it was lacking in flavour and richness. Could be the prawns bcoz its roe is very important in determining the flavour of this dish - esp the thick gravy. Imagine orangie colored gravy laden with richness of the prawns and eggs...


Monkey and Beautiful CS
we are the very few people in town who will trotter into a hawker centre/tai chow in our chic dress, clutches and stilettos. *oh babe remember the seafood place laden with rats at the back of Imbi?*

oh yea...for great food and awesome company, we'll do anything :)))))
Nvm the japanese men were ogling. We were ogling at our plates of FOOD...yummmzzzz
*this place is really famous with the jap working crowd*

some greens!!!
see how hot the wok was!!! the vegetables were fired and burnt
soooo full of flavours!!!

Clams fried in chillis, curry leaves, dried shrimps
simple and yummy, good as appetizer but we ordered this after gobbling the above bcoz soon we realized the 4 of us can damn eat!!!

Princess Jasmine and Sexay Back Maggie
yeah they damn can eat too
don't be fooled by their size!!!
I believe ppl who are petite can really wallop, must be the metabolism rate in them.

Finally a Belacan Fried KangKung
the very very last dish....actually we ordered a plate of deep fried pork ribs and I forgot to snap pic....well u can't be holding your pork ribs with one hand...chomp chomp chomp and snap pic with the other right? I need both to operate my iPhone :P

 Princess Jasmine, Beautiful CS, Sexay Back Maggie
Thank you babes for a wonderful afternoon and evening...wahahahha
luckily we didn't head for Durians opposite Soo Kee after the dinner...coz my bums was already bursting in my dress :P HAHAHAHAHA

See you all soon :))))
Love always :))))

Read about another visit to Soo Kee *here*

Soo Kee Restaurant
No. 14, Jalan Medan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2148 1324


Chasing Food Dreams said...

I do like this place for its rustic flavors... a bit expensive on some items.. hehe

must be those Jap men lah.... :P

CHER-RY said...

hahahah why didn't i thought of has got to be them that made this place expensive :P

willow said...

Wah lau, go Imbi also so glam... cannot fight with you guys la!!

CHER-RY said...

hahahahaha it was after an event, so we were pretty "formal" for Imbi :P