Thursday, September 20, 2012

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

In case u are wondering if this is a hotel
I don't do official reviews of anything and that includes food
the Grand Hyatt in Kuala Lumpur has just opened its door and busy me yet to find time to visit it. Hyatt hotel chains have its minimum standard worldwide but according to a friend, not so.....certain Hyatts at different part of the world don't even deserve the name Hyatt
oh really??

anyway this was a stay a few months ago for business
when it's for business, one hardly has got the time inside his/her room
frankly I don't like bed facing the door
it's just so so so weird to point your feet towards it

but I must say, the comfort level of mattress and pillows matter a lot to me
well u heard it before, money can't buy sleep
most hotels do provide different types of pillows so if you find that it's not your kinda level of comfort, just call them up to have another pillow.

the best so far are Intercontinental and Holiday Inn
they have a few types of pillow to choose from....goose feather, foam, down pillows, latex
ranging from body pillows to neck pillows
aaahhhh I can have pillow fights in my suite :P

the best bedsheet award has to go to Marriott for its soft silky smooth and high thread counts sheets
even ritz and four seasons can't fight :))))
a small lil wardrobe
I must say this hotel is a bit tired-looking
but again, there's not much time to be spent here except shower + sleep
I've got a room overlooking its courtyard garden
good to have a view at least, instead of looking at the next building

I usually sleep with my windows open like this for natural lights
u know your body is built to wake up when lights hit your face/eyes?
it's like natural alarm clock I supposed unless you are really a deep sleeper
even at home, my windows is alwiz opened so I wake up to the beautiful view of the lake and the golf course :)))))))))
morning rise and shine :))))))))
later I saw some folks were jogging up and down this lil courtyard

It was a good stay nevertheless
especially when I slept so well like a baby

for my other Hyatt experience *which is not many :P*, read the below:
my enormous breakfast at Hyatt Erawan Bangkok
Hi-tea at Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

I look forward to my next stay in Hyatt Erawan Bangkok and soon-to-visit Grant Hyatt KL

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