Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Malaysia Day

when friends received this flyer from Pantry Magic....they actually asked Monkey if I am supplying the homemade butter cake to Pantry Magic

NO LAR!!!!

I am flattered but then No...I.Am.Not. Supplying.anything to anyone except my guinea pig at home aka JS
*yes he's a very lucky guinea pig*
**and I'm a very lucky Monkey to have tasted his homemade canele**

haven't been baking of late, due to work and my social calendar
but if you would like to try the homemade butter cake looking as good as above...
please click *here* to read the step by step and definitely idiot proof coz if I can make it, so can you :))))

or if u would like to attempt another flag in a different flavour altogether, try the *union jack cream cheese tart* I've made

well time flew by so fast....those 2 lil cute masak-masak game of mine was so last month
I need to find time to do something else this month.

if baking is not your kinda thing but shopping is
go shop at Pantry Magic and you may get some nice stuffs....even if you don't bake...it makes u wanna
yes, I am poison :))))



Anonymous said...

I thought that was the cake you've made last month! Its quite similar..just that the crescent and moon abit different oni ;-)

Chasing Food Dreams said...

oh gosh... I m eyeing that mini cocottes... sigh.. and there is a pantry magic so close to my house... itching to buy the eggplant color ones.....

yes... u r poison! just in a good way.. ;D

Loose said...

For a moment I really thought they "borrowed" your pic to deco their flyers.. kekeke.. You're sure that wasn't your cake?? =PP

CHER-RY said...

Melissa and Loose: hahah their cake is correct with total of 14 stripes of red n white. Un-patriotic basket like me can't remember how many...anyhow my cake was too petite to fill in a total of 14 hahahaha.

Food Dreams: just go and get it la....I m heading to Singapore, gonna shop for more baking wares :))))