Friday, September 21, 2012

H&M Lot 10 KL

Monkey received the verbal invitation 2 months earlier
and then the save-the-date invitation 1.5 months ago
finally the actual invite a month ago

Mixed feelings enveloped me
I was eppy eppy that H&M is finally in Malaysia
but not so eppy if the whole Malaysia is wearing it
so u see, humans are really funny beings...
the more rare an item is, the much higher the perceived value is and the MORE u want it

this applies to everything from Men, Wines, Exotic places to visit, and most of the things in life
well at least in MY LIFE it is :)))))))))
20th September is also a very big date for H&M
not only in Malaysia because it's the VVIP red carpet preview
but also for H&M worldwide as Lana del Ray's collection hits the stores WORLDWIDE
I couldn't locate this Angora sweater she's wearing here
but I think I saw something similar in electric blue....almost got my hands there for not the other crazy mad ladies shopping last nite
the who's who in town were all invited, all the beautiful ppl :)))))
900 bottles of chilled champagnes were popped
the queue at the red carpet was the width and length of the Lot 10 facade
yeah the queue was of people with invitations!!!!

thank goodness I was with my galfriends holding hands *opsss I'm a LGBT*
chit chatting and the queue *felt like* moved so fast that we didn't have enuff time to chat!!!!
the weather was pretty humid and I'm glad my pom-pom skirt was short :P
Monkey & Baby Wei
soon everyone lost each other
too distracted with the merchandise

after gracing the red carpet, we hit the store, grab a glass of champagnes
and everyone went separate way in less than 30 seconds
Sharoness, Hot Mama Thevi, Beautiful CS and Monkey

occasionally I spotted my galfriends and took time to check each other's shopping bag
"Wat u got wat u got???"
before continuing to different floors and busy stuffing our shopping bags with more items
among the tonnes of guests, Xavier spotted me
I should be the one spotting him bcoz of his signature hat but again I was too bz stuffing my shopping bag
Xavier: "CHERRY KOH!!!!!!"
Monkey: "Helloooo darling!!!! Just arrived?"
Xavier: "I can see you've been here long enough?" *pointing at my bulky pregnant bag*

Xavier will be launching his own lines of shoes and jewelries soon
I am awaiting your invitation next :)))
Hot Mama Thevi stooped lower so she's much shorter
"Where is this dress?" pointing to her iPhone

-_- yeah I was the unofficial merchandise directory/concierge for H&M
either I have good photographic memories or dunno >.<
I managed to find this dress :D:D:D a special piece from Lana del Ray collection

midway shopping, I actually got the bouncers to take care of my shopping bags
"Hi hi...can u just take care of these for me? justttt fooor a liiillll whilllleee pleeaseeeee?"
I whined

the 2 muscular bouncers -_-" and nodded their heads in reluctance
"ohhhh thank you thank you!!!" and skipped off

So Happy Shopping folks
the H&M doors will be official open to public this Saturday - yes TOMORROW

the first lucky one on the line will receive a RM 500 gift card
2nd to 5th in line RM 200
while the following 300 will receive RM 50 each
so if you have time, drop by at Lot 10 tmrw :)))))
do watch the video of Lana del Ray for H&M
she totally sells every single item
*click here to watch*


Jui Hong said...

I lost grace within 5 mins too!

CHER-RY said...

No-Longer-Available-JH: sorry my fault...I stole her away...but but but I only took her to the kids section!!!