Friday, September 28, 2012

H&M Chokers

During the chaotic frantic H&M VIP preview, I managed to pull 2 chokers outta its rack
thronged by more manic shoppers.....everyone seemed to be throwing garments apparels accessories up the air.

I didn't even bother to try my garments coz H&M practiced this 30 days validity if it doesn't fit, u can alwiz come back to change the size, colors etc provided the garment is still in good condition. *well except accessories and undergarments etc*

I saw this in H&M Singapore 2 weeks ago and resisted bcoz I need i will obtain my 20% VIP discount on the opening be a lil bit more patience
there were also many items that I saw in Singapore and it wasn't available in Malaysia...
coz I was thinking, I just need to wait 4 more freaking days and I will have my 20% on all merchandises so why bother??
well if it's not meant to's not then.

the other simple choker
well now that I've worn them first *hehehehe* i don't really bother anymore
coz I am sure to bump into another one wearing these soon in town

yesterday while dashing off from my appointment to the boutiques for work....
I managed to grab the beautiful pink Lana del Ray pink jeans *hehehehe*
Damn!!! it's so dangerous to work so near to H&M

so what have you got from H&M?


Food Dreams said...

Ooo.... I LOVE the gorgeous bling bling choker necklace... the first one!

CHER-RY said...

good taste!!! 1st one more expensive :)))