Thursday, September 27, 2012

YSL Chyc Flap Bag

Isn't she beautiful?
oh-oh I sounded desperate huh?
who can resist her??

decked in seductive red of calfskin leather
with the signature Golden hardware logo Y

just the right size for me
the right storage fr cards, money, phone, lippie, keys and ciggie
*yeah I know, ppl alwiz wonder how come I can stuff so many things in such small bags...told ya I'm a Doraemon*

it's the perfect bag perfect color
what's stopping me???

problem is....I have another one in different color
I've never have 2 same bags in different colors before *except shoes and apparels*
so how???? O.O

Monkey in her green YSL Chyc flap bag, taken a few months ago in Bangkok
with all the superheroes hahahah but my YSL is the hero of all :P *and so I think*

tsk!!! how????
*stare at floor and bite nails*
Yes or No???
sigh.......what a tough decision to make for the week

I had a hectic week and it's not ending yet....

my feet killed me this morning after last nite's event and so today I'm in my flattest shoes of all. I never complained about my I guess this is age is catching up and I need to shift my priorities in life.

but then again...yes or no???
should I get the Red Chyc flap bag???
*starts to bite nails again*

ohhh I need to go for manicure soon

then I turn to my man aka JS via email
"Okie get it!!!! but a month later in Paris!!"
WHAT??? It's gonna be gone by then!!! remember one boutique one piece!!!

I missed JS so much, I haven't really see him for the past 4 days? though we zzzzZZZzzzzz next to each other every nite.
I don't know to hate or love my job

Priorities baby....priorities
so I am gonna sort that out right now...priorities in life
I am gonna call it off by 6pm today after my last appointment and head home to have a chillax dinner with a bottle of wine....with my priority of coz...JS :)))))
So that means u are cooking and me washing!!!!

Hey folks, what are your priorities today?


Anonymous said...

nice nice!! I like the bag. size and color oso like ^_^

my priorities today gotto be...home for lunch and leave early to catch a flight to somewhere 'near' ;-)

Have a nice dinner, Cherry :-)

CHER-RY said...

Hi Melissa, travel safe and lotsa fun wherever u are :))) hugs.

JS said...

Go for it....quick before its gone :))))