Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gordon Studio Glassblowers, Red Hill

I've never been to a glassblower studio nor factory
this place showcased stunning artworks by traditional hand blown methods...
wished they allow me to snap pics for u folks during the process
but no cameras were allowed -_-
these are all exhibited on outside the yard of the studio
beautifully shaped by blowing
yes blow...roll...then put back into the hot oven
take out and blow..and roll and blow and roll
gosh I wondered how the heck they have such stamina
reminded me of the chinese pastry "ham chim beng"
cute lollies
pretty flowers
in fact those displayed were ahem rejects I supposed
coz inside the showroom, there were so many beautiful pieces
most of them starts from AUD 550 = RM 1,650

kenot afford lar...it's just a vase...or a fruit plate or a water tumbler!!!
*but when it comes to bag...I can :P*

more like how to carry them home to Malaysia without breaking them
or breaking my heart
or my wallet
the lil cottage on the background was the studio
the steel rod that they sat wee the same one used to hold these "glasses"
while they blow and roll and blow and roll
*catching my breath*
I like this one :)
like a symphony of lollies!!!!

Glassblowers Studio
290 Red Hill Road,
Red Hill,
Tel: +61 03 5989 7073

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