Friday, July 10, 2009

Rosebud, Mornington

"We need to kill time and where would u suggest that we go to?"
Golf club receptionist: "there's a beach down the road....turn left after the golf club ."
think I've used the wrong setting to snap pic hence it's so "blue"
u see...this Monkey was using JS's Leica and bimbo me can't even operate it properly

JS been teaching me how to adjust the white balance, exposures, col settings, histogram

it's even more difficult than driving.
dun even ask me to touch his SLR
we called his gigantic SLR "Tai Farn Shu"
I was holding on to my position
as the strong wind was pushing me to the other side

can't even open the door of the car properly~~
as in to get outta car

opened with all my might
wind pushed it back with a loud thud
opened it again
it got closed by the wind

frustrated Monkey then opened the door with both hands
leg kicking the door *pardon me*
and it got closed and banged into me
*adui sakit!!!!!*

in the end I used my whole body to open the door to get out
and it was wide enuff just to let my body out
the door closed on its own with no effort

Thank you Mr. Strong Wind
can u see the rip curl from afar?
this was the breakfast I had at Moonah Links Golf Club
lurve their poached free range eggs

looking at my picture bank....
there were a gazillion of pics to be reduced in size
b4 I can upload it here

so many pics to choose from Leica and Nikon "Tai Farn Shu"

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