Friday, July 24, 2009

BMW Z4 launch at Pavilion KL

this was the sexay new version of Z4....
I only like its back coz the front is like the older version
tagged at RM 411,800 *mind u without insurance* for a 2.3i
while the 3.5i version is at RM 558,800
isn't it better to get a lowest 5 series or something?

but most of all...I like the idea where u can custom make the interior
for as low as RM 30k
with all the carbon front splitter and aluminium pedal
it also has a 7 speed double clutch transmission
definitely can run!!!!!
I lost out to all the photogs and mak datins clinging on to the cars
*more like abusing and torturing the cars*
hence couldn't get a nicer pics for u folks

moreover I dowan to look like a hooligan
open the door, bang it it again and bang it close..

I don't understand wat's the point of these msians doin that at car shows/showroom

well does the performance of the car is justified by the solidness of its doors?
or the sound it produces???
u tell me :P
Monkey with a mysterious guest whom I can't reveal

overall this baby isn't for me
I'm not a 2 doors person
otherwise...Mr JS would have pass down his 2-doors for Monkey
his 2 doors flirt mobile is resting in peace at his parking lot
nobody has the time to use her

*note: we named a car = flirt mobile...when it's hawt and sexay enuff to bring it out to flirt :P
sure can get hawt chicks n bones with that :P
nyek nyek nyek

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