Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chili tour at Chili Queen's place

Chili Queen = Si Fu Lawrence's mommy
u'll know why she earned this nick later...

so we msians were invited by the aussies to have a great Sunday get together

with makans.....makans......and more makans...
a bare CHERRY tree
well it's winter so wat do u expect?
then we had a guided tour by Chili Queen around her garden~~~~
the above were not tomatoes folks but chilis
they are bout this size ok????
red fiery ones
those that shoots up towards the sky
dark coloured ones, like brinjals
weird bell flowery tulipy shape
long n dark colored chili
look!!! there's rhubarb....makes yummy rhubarb crumble/tarts
chevril and parsley
beautiful lemons
Chili Queen gave us some tips on gardening
*Monkey only knows how to garden in Pet Society*
Look ma! I have spanking hot chili and fresh rosemary
Monkey, Chili Queen, I Ching, Prince C
I lurve chilis....I was smiling like I've found treasures on my hands :P
it was rather chilly early in the morning...
Thank you to Chili Queen for the extensive tour...
never know there's so many types of chilis
oh yea that reminds me that I still owe her Habeneros seed


js said...

yesterday i steamed mussels thai style with that big chilly(held in palm) and it was amazingly hawt!!! the seeds are black in color!!! the chilly was also surprisingly fragant(good nose) despite our impression that hot chilly usually are not fragant.

CHER-RY said...

JS: I like pedas pedas :)))))))))))

Yvonne Chan said...

phwoah... damn keng collection of these death to stomach "fruits" la.

CHER-RY said...

Ass Kickin Vonne: oh yea my 1st time too looking at those chilis....kekekekke