Thursday, February 26, 2009

Indian Nite

JS & Couchie George
It was Indian Themed Nite and JS cooked
to the Cypriots...indian cuisine is rare and yummy

to us Msians...we eat em almost everyday
"Lucky u CHERRY!!!"
oh yea...but I dun get good greek food here OK?
beautifully steamed lemon spiced rice
well when JS is cooking, nothing is simple and dull

and I was surprised most ingredients can be found at the supermarket

the expensive supermarket called Alpha Gamma
or was it Alpha Beta???
I think it's Alpha Mega
earlier that evening,
Monkey was eyeing Dinos the Great's banana trees out there
poor tree, only 3 leaves left.

and I didn't spare it.
"Hey let's pluck the leaves and use them as serving plates!!!"
so JS went out with a sharp knife and chopped off the poor leaves.

well Dinos the Great thank u so much.
how's your banana tree now?
Spring is coming and I think there's more leaves now???
spicy Okra was so yummy
we picked this white wine up at the nearest wine shop
need something "everyday" for indian food
Saint Veeny, Sweet Nandia, Monkey
Don't u think Sweet Nandia looked like Snow White??
Snow White as in the character in the animated series!!!
I wonder if she sings like her too.
Marcelina the maid alwiz set the table nicely
highlight of the nite got to be this lamb curry
it melts in your mouth!!!!

the lamb in Cyprus are so young and tender,
with less fat and no SMELL at all.

of coz I must thank Dinos the Great
for selecting and commanding the best ingrediets in town.

I will alwiz remember...
go to any grocer and say: "Dinos sent me here"
and they'll give u the very best at the best-est price.
see I told u he's a mafia!!!
baked spicy prawns!!!
don't they look alike??
Sain't Veeny is alwiz wearing Comme des Garcons
I like!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))
she made this cucumber raita
one group pix pls!!!
not to be missed PAPADAM!!!!
Saint Veeny & Dinos the Great were in S.Africa earlier and got this!!!
very nice tea lite holder...
wat was the name of the designer again?????????
Souvla King bought this dessert I forgot its name
it was upon special request..
made from soft cheese, phyllo pastry and lotsa nuts
with very good quality honey
the cheese is of mascaporne's texture and taste
mascarpone cheese = cheese used in tiramisu
Couchie George wating to dig in!!!
let's EAT!!!!
indian food goes very well with beer
Mathematician Costa & Souvla King Marios

"Costa....wat thesis are u doin for your PHD?"
Mathematician Costa: "thisss u know.....we call infinity..."

"yes i know infinity"
Mathematician Costa: "I am deriving the yada yada yada bla bla bla maths-words-i dun-understand yada yada yada yada variations of infinity."

Monkey fell off her chair.......

"Is there such thing as limitation to infinity? Isn't infinity cannot be measured??"
Mathematician Costa: "I am goin to prove that it can be measured."

GAH!!! can't u choose something simpler to study?
I am killin my brain cells now thinking of that.

anyway thank u to dearie JS for doin all the cooking
it was ass kickin AWESOME!!!


Anonymous said...

the dessert is call anerobita.....i think....can the cypriots please confirm this!!

the real JS

CHER-RY said...

Real JS: U have good memory bank.