Monday, February 16, 2009

Velvet, Zouk

Monkey, Beautiful CS, Sexay Back, Hot Babe Shen

After dinner, we crashed into Velvet
must be the Pre-Valentine thingy coz it was packed to the bream
I couldn't event valet my car
full to the max
Beautiful CS & Hot Babe Shen
thanks to Hot Babe we didn't have to queue up
plus a table near to the podium.

Yeah the ladies wanna conquer the podium that nite.
and so I became the care taker, caring for our booze, our beautiful handbags and our strategic table.
the nite started with performance by Joanne Kam Po Po and Tony Eusoff
ladies were screaming like he's the hawtest man on earth
-_- sorry me no likey him.
Later Bling Bling Laura joined us
this gal need some efforts to get her to dance
Monkey & Beautiful CS
I looked like a lil gal here :))))))))))))
Beautiful CS & Bling Bling Laura
sorry my cameras full of her pics
Bling Bling Laura, Her Cute BF, Beautiful CS, Hot Babe Shen
Beautiful CS & Sexay Back with their million dollar smiles
Didn't I tell u...they conquered the PODIUM?
all the other ladies had to move aside!!!!
finally we can see Sexay Back's back
Bling Bling Laura, Monkey, Beautiful CS, Sexay Back

Let's do it another time soon yea!!!
maybe less booze ok?

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