Friday, February 13, 2009

Breakfast @ Zonar's

Zonar's came fr a very humble beginning,
it was owned by a sheep farmer
who had unlimited supply of milk

with that over supply...he opened a cafe
and today it's a cafe to be seen at
u won't need this menu to order at Zonar's
or u'll go bonkers with the coffee list.

it's long and long and long and LONGGGGGGGGG.

I don't even know wat to drink.
and the cakes and sweets....
they were all so PRETTY
but it was too early for sweets
we came here for breakfast
the sandwiches selection were very good
I don't know which one to have!!!
salami with cream cheese!!!!!!!
peppered salami with AVOCADOSSSSSS
freshly baked Brioche with Prosciutto
this was Smiley Christiana's fav!!
All of us ordered single shot cappucino...
and it came in different marbling
with chocolate syprup
WiseCrack Costa: "What do u want Monkey?"
Couchie George & Smiley Christianajust woke up Monkey & JS
well it was a Saturday
so pardon me if I woke up late
at least I made it for BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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