Monday, February 23, 2009

It's RAINING................

Monkey was still ZZZZzzzzzinking away
on the comfy bed at Mafia Hill on a beautiful morning
with the fluffy comforter all wrapped up

when a loud crash on the roof woke her up
*okie was so loud that I thought a dinosaur crashed on the roof*
at first there were only a few!!!!
it's HAIL STONES!!!!!!!!!
small but damaging
since it was freezing cold....Monkey got JS to snap pic

a few seconds later...he came running fr the room's balcony
coz those hail stones were bombarding him.
*ouch ouch ouch*
so many of em....
in fact more, but we didn't snap more pics but stood in awe looking at those hail stones.

JS: "Where's your cocktail glass? go and fill it up outside and enjoy your usual lychee-tini. Hehe"

u think wat? Ice kacang?


licheng said...

we had hail a few weeks ago too..hitting the roof so hard..but i didn't bother to go out and look..
just observe from the patio..haha

definitely ice kacang it is not!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Oh yea....I saw from your blog...any damage on the car? :P

this one happened in Dec 08 at Cyprus.