Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sage by Chef Takashi Kimura

We were the 1st guests to arrive on that nite...
*haha as usual*

Maitre D Jason unveiled the ingredients of the day - Truffles
they sat on a bed of rice,
truffles are very difficult to maintain.

Maitre D Jason: "I'll get chef to make risotto from the grains :))"
Monkey: "Yes only for the gents"
it was V-Day and everyone ate fr Chef's creation

JS: "I wanna order ala carte!!"
Monkey: "Can u not be rude and play by the game? It's a V-day special."

yea pls spare us...*rolls eyes*
both of us never ever celebrate V-day
plus I celebrated ANTI V-DAY
*hail the Monkey GAWD*
each laydee got a stalk of red rose that nite

a few days earlier:
"Ms. Cherry, do you need to prepare anything for that nite? Flowers? We have promo at the Sage Residence at a special rate bla bla bla bla yada yada yada."

why lar ask me? if anything also should ask the gents right??
Monkey & I Ching
before dinner, we went to Solaris for wines *shopping for the gents*..
then to Gardens for shopping *shopping for the laydees plus a gent*
I thought I told myself to spend less this month.

can someone pls educate me to spend less
or more like dun spend unecessarily???
*impossible task huh?*
my selection got to be the Clos St Denis for its mineral nose...
everyone else chosed Bonnes Mares
JS: "this one is 3x the price of St Denis!!!"

u ppl are just too influenced by its price tag...
next time must do blind tasting dy.

expensive does not neccesary = good
bottom line = value for money
now I can't remember where the heck I've placed these
we started with Duo of Oysters
on the left was farmed Tsarkaya *Russian* from France
the bigger one was fr Nagasaki, Japan.
All of us voted for Mr. Nagasaki
I got a pressie inside my nagasaki
not one but 2 baby crabs
so FRESH that they WERE STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crawling and crawling and crawling

I should have checked the oysters whether they hearts were still beating when consumed
well that if they have hearts.
Consomme of wagyu beef and truffles
pour in the hot consomme to cook the beef
this dish gained 100 pointer that nite!!!
Hirame with dried tomatoes
texture of the fish was very good
coz it was near its fatty belly
wilted spinach was at its best texture
roasted chapon with foie gras
Maitre D Jason was shaving more truffles
in its own natural juice
okie this is not any normal chicken....super yummy but dun think i'm gonna eat's so CRUEL

a lil bit bout Chapon:
1) it is a castrated male chicken/poultry
2) fed with grains and milk product for bout a month before slaughter
3) it has great tenderness and mass
4) does not have layers of FAT

okie let's not spoil the mood by explainin the castration process
the gents dun take poultry hence they have a special pasta prepared for them
Chef Takashi also prepared another special for the laydees
scrambled eggs in truffles with sweet port sauce
the piece of truffle on my scrambled egg
the gents had risotto with truffles
"U are eating truffles or risotto huh? SO MUCH!!!"
yellow peach and raspberries sorbet...
enjoyed the fresh peach a was poached slightly was it?
Prince C & JS

we were the only table with 2 couples

*sorry I'm such a mood crasher*


S-kee said...

Ms Cherry, this is so NOT anti-Vday lor...

CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: Yeah wat to do...the whole place was so valentine-ny.