Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where's the Cupid??

Yes the cupids are busy,
busy shooting retail arrows,
so ppl will spend more $$$$$$,
buying unreasonably expensive flowers,
chocolates, gifts.......

but tell me,
which laydee out there doesn't like flowers?
maybe there are...I dunno...tell me..

I got a potted flowers from my boss,
not for V-day but CNY...
Now sitting pretty on my table.

The problem of having a potted plant is..
1) Taking care of them.
2) religiously watering them *I can't even manage my 2 poor leafy potted plants at home*
3) continuously giving them sunshine *transferring from my table to the window & fro*
4) guard it fr nasty colleagues who lurve to touch and mess with my properties.

Anyway thank u boss for the lovely flowers...
which bloomed beautifully already by now.
Don't ask me wat species...I'm retarded over flowers/plants.

A reader, also an old school friend
Mrs Choong requested/suggested,
more info and details and prices,
to be included in my posts in the future,
yes I will do my best.

yes those who are asking,
bout my V-day,
nothing much....coz I don't celebrate..
cept replying v-day smsess and conveying my love to friends.

I think,
the cupid shot too many *retail* arrows on this same person,
bcoz I got a lovely gift.

I couldn't find mine with the pink sapphires in their website...
I am super tanned fr Sunday's outting.....*Msian Open 2007*

Tiffany Bubbles necklace with pink sapphires and round brilliant diamonds, RM 9.2 k
I don't have info on how many carats and clarity of the diamonds,
nor color grade of the diamonds...
sorry ar Mrs Choong....

You can purchase Tiffany's products at:
KLCC Ground Floor

Come on Cupid...shoot me
coz I have yet to spend $$$$$

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