Saturday, February 10, 2007


Knowing Sam is such a pleasure,
Having her as a friend is so wonderful,
but becoming one of her best buddies,
is one of the things in my life,
which I'll treasure.

Joining the commerce stream at 16,
was a big change to me,
for I have to make new friends...
all over again.....boohoooo...

You were so friendly to me,
though I'm like the most stucked up bitch in class.
Sharing so much from thoughts to problems,
from experience to knowledge...
and erm...your keropoks...thank u ar.

You sat in front of me,
and studied diligently all the time,
but I do enjoyed all the dramas,
that u have with SC....*my fav past time*

A year later,
you sat at the back of me,
and I still have the nerve,
to turn my head and watch the drama happening.
kua kua kua...

You were known as the "late queen"
with poor time management,
that I do not mind,
coz I have learnt how to calculate "your time".

You were alwiz the 1st one to blow the candles,
every single year,
but I shall treat u as a baby,
coz forever and ever, you are a big baby!!!

Happy Birthday Sam,
Never came across my mind..
you will major in such a technical line,

Whatever you do,
May all your wishes fulfilled,
Happiness floats with you,
Love surrounds you,
and that big smile on your face be with u,


*trip to Bali cancelled*
*me stucked with work here*
*tmrw may/may not go to Malaysian Open 2007*
*dinner with Prince C tonite*

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