Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hong Kong, Day 2

We woke up really early for our coffee and shopping,
U don't see so few human on the street normally...
coz it was still damn early.
JS lost a lot of weight *he looked so sleepy here*
too much of golf kills!!!!
Pls eat more....

"Do we have to go shopping this early? I'm still enjoying my cappucino here."
"U'll see later and thank me for that."

Gate crashed the boutiques at 10 am sharp.
When we were done with our 1st destination,
Louis Vuitton at Harbour City,
There was already a line forming outside the store,
with a macho guard manning the queue.

"This is Hong Kong. Not KL. Now which other stores you wanna go?"
his usual shops.
I like the fact that these shops appreciates good wines,
every bottle neatly placed by region, by grapes....
and properly stored.
I found Pensfold Hermitage 1986!!!!!!! *the one I had with Prince C was a 1983*
beside it, is Pensfold Grange 1990...
I still have that in the chillers. :))))))))))

Every bottle also he wants...
I have to stopped him when the number reaches 5 bottles...
enuff!!!!!! I am not gonna hand carry them back to KL!!!
KL started selling crocs shoes last year,
and still selling the same ugly SKUs...
in HK they have them with mickey mouse, nice lady-like sandals,
men's walking sandals...very nice.
yummy barbecued pork, roast pork and the usual fattening stuffs HK$ 68
Hongkies lurve stalks instead of the leafy part. This one with rice wine. HK$ 58
Ma Po toufu HK$ 62
Later we took a ferry to outlying island - Cheung Chau
HK$ 22.20 per journey, 25 minutes.
Turbo Jet to Macau...
so fast it's almost flying on top of the water..
I've only been to Macau once....nothing much there...
We went to Cheung Chau for their excellent seafood
and beautiful sunset.

It's a small fishing island,
popular in the hongkie scary ghost movie,
where teenagers get together to bbq,
missed their last ferry and got stranded in the island...
the rest u know....
really small island
the only mode of transportation
everywhere jam packed with fishing boats
nice & calm
ppl here are more down to earth
monkey enjoying the evening sun rays.
we sat ourselves at a nearby seafood restaurant, where u choose your fishes, lobsters, scallops, prawns etc and the kitchen will cook it your way.
I like the sunset there
I guess I was too busy at work in KL to enjoy any sunsets at all
their scallops is really good and fresh. The whole seafood meal cost only HK$ 179....damn cheap.
When we were back to Tsim Tsa Tsui,
gave JS some hukka pukka experience which he hated,

like catching the crowded MTR to Mongkok,
Pushing and jay walking with the crowd at Ladies Market,
eating streetfood like my fav "kah lee yu tan".
It comes with octupus, porky skin, radish....yumm

He can't wait to get out!!
Then I promised him we will have a nice dinner tomorrow nite.

Hong Kong is just not for him.
Too claustrophobic.

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