Monday, February 12, 2007

My life.....

I woke up fresh as usual this morning,
and thoughts just came out of nowhere,
which were awakening and inspiring at the same time.

It's just human nature I guess,
that it's never enough,
no matter how much you possessed.

I came to realised,
that I have a good life,
everyone has a good life...
it all depends on how u define your life,
your expectations in life.

Most of all,
I have a great family...
who's always there and supported me,
It doesn't matter which path I choose,
as long as I'm happy, they will for me.

Some say they don't care,
they can't be bothered,
to me it's the freedom they entrusted in me,
for they believe in me,
that I won't screw up my life.
My soulmate is just as sweet,
not because I can have everything my way,
but the respect he showed me,
the admiration on my strengths,
and appreciates my weakness for I am still so human.
continuously guided me in this life full of challenges.

I have a great bunch of friends,
from all sorts of background,
I do not discriminate,
be it sexual preference, $$$$ in their pockets,
whether they are using me as pawn,
playing the friendship game their way,
for I do not blame them,
this is life.

I can't remember if I have anyone,
that I deeply hated for the past years.
Though I may call a few of them,
bitches and jerks and farkers...
it's all in my daily usage of words,
for I referred myself as a bitch too.

It's painful to hate someone,
why allocate a space in your life and heart to hate a person(s),
when you can save it to love someone?
appreciate another beautiful soul?

Everyone is special in their own way,
u just have to see it positively,
accept their flaws and see how special they are.
I am thankful,
that I was born healthy,
with a great metabolisme rate,
for I can eat and consume whatever I want,
without hearing the word FAT coming after me....*hehehehehe*

But health is wealth,
I will not over indulge,
alwiz believe in moderation.
I get to travel where I want to,
be it work or leisure,
Sometimes u just need to make time,
to enjoy your life and hard work.

Yes work never finishes,
it's just an excuse,
it can also REALLY never finishes,
everyone has 24 hours...go figure it out..

On work,
I heard this numerous times fr so many out there..
If u hate your work...quit.
It's not that u don't have a choice.

Either way, stop complaining,
appreciate your work and learn to improve urself,
so you are indispensable...that's the way it should be..
find a place where you can "hang your coat" at the workplace.

No one love their boss,
well cept me...hahaha
All you need to do is..manage your boss so he can manage u better..
When u become a boss urself.....u'll know why bosses are hated everywhere!!!
coz they are just doin their job and no one is perfect!!
Do not see things inside the box,
within your window of your world, your life..
think far...big..
there's so much ahead.
Life is so exciting!!!

Respect is earned, not given.
Knowledge has to be learned, not bought.
Experience will come your way,
if you only try.

I will never take anything for granted,
even more so, when life got more complicated,
at the end of the day...
I just turn around....and exhale..
"shit happens"
and learn how to manipulate it.
I appreciate my life!!!

So everyone,
Happy Merry working Monday..

*I have truckloads of work to do*
*endless CNY dinner everynite with customers*
*yet to do gourmet food shopping for CNY*
*yet to decide what to cook for my family this CNY*
*yet to prepare ang pows for maids, laundrette, car wash tam bee, security guards etc*
* and my boss continuously asking for last minute this n that..oooo damn...I LOVEEEE my boss*

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