Monday, March 05, 2012

Monkey is away........Switzerland.....

Disclaimer: All pics on this posting were taken from the world wide web
*sarang labah-labah sedunia*
coz I dun really have time to snap pics at all...
this is the time of the year where the cantonese phrase is often use
*wanna sh*t oso no time!!!!*

Monkey is away for a few weeks for the LARGEST WATCH & JEWELRY FAIR on EARTH
yes on's that BIG

consisting of 45,000 exhibitors *exhibitors alone...haven't include guests, media, buyers, watch collectors, celebrities etc*
from about 45 different countries
covering a total area of 160,000 sq metre

this will be my 5th Baselworld
*wow it's been that long huh?*
really an honor to be here, though there's a lot of down time with so many issues
but over the years, I've learnt to suffer it through and focus on more positive things instead
and I am glad things alwiz turned out to be better than the previous years
well at least I'll try to make it better, in many aspects......

Baselworld was first incepted in 1917 under a different name
however this year it will be history coz it will be the very last year, the layout plan will remain like this
from next year onwards, all brands will be re-shuffled, the place will undergo a huge renovation that will take almost a year.
well hopefully by next year I'll still be with this company
never say never :))))

every morning during the fair, u'll see bunch of "penguins" dashing to the exhibition halls
all huge 6 exhibition halls
*our KL convention centre is nothing ok*

why penguins? hahaha coz everyone will be dressed in their black long coats
since the weather is still cold roughly around 5 degrees
walking unisonly in silence with a ciggie on one hand and a cup of coffee on the other
else they'll be pulling a luggage bag
it's a very common sight
*the luggage bit*
to store all your important documents for the 10 brands 10 meetings that u are having for the day, yes only for that day.

this will also be the time where all the brands will showcase their "weapon/invention" of the year
it is very stressful for me esp when the media was telling wat they saw at the other brands
it's like a competition of who can out-do who :P
and it's usually based on first impression

so for Marketeer like me...I really have to SELL the ideas/brand/product to the press and media on the very first sight
since there's more than 400 brands, u really have to SELL in order for them to WRITE about u
but I really lurve it :))))

some brands flew in their watchmakers for the exhibition
gone are the days, where watchmakers looked like santa claus
plump, heavy, with white hair

watchmaking is a very respected profession in the world
u need to undergo a minimum of 4 years programme
skills to be acquired 
passion at heart
and a technical know-how
plus, it's a lifelong career so everyone is dead serious about it

while some brands will fly in the latest technology in today's world
just to showcase their products in a different way
we have seen these type of technology at the fair before u see them on TV
from 3D to cascading tiles presentation to hologram and intelligent lights with sensor
I look fwd to see wat's NEW this year :))))
while a few brands will fly in MEAN MACHINES like this Lamborghini
only if they have collaboration with a particular automobile
we have seen ferraris and Bugatti to vintage cars

Celebrities usually come and go as well
we have seen faces of Leonardo Dicaprio to Paris Hilton
not to mention politicians and royal family of Malaysia
*that DAMN USD 25 mil = RM 75 mil RING was first unveiled here in Baselworld 2011*

I still remembered last year, I taught my CEO how to "menjunjung duli" to HRH
he asked: "Can't I just shake his hands?"

however the single most event that I look forward to during this fair is meeting all my colleagues from around the world esp the Swiss Team :)))))

and bcoz Monkey will be away for weeks....
I'll prepare some schedule postings for you ppl to read

the only thing I hope won't happen again is this *click to read*
by if it does....I'll know wat to do.....look for my other Swiss colleague = Boon Boon who can speak all the Asian languages...well maybe except Arab *never know if he picked up a NEW language*

wish me luck for this fair :))))


neil said...

Good luck, Bee Ree! *Muaksss*

CHER-RY said...

Thank u Née Lee!!!! U r the best....muaksssss

Chasing Food Dreams said...

have fun! what an exhibition...

and I spied Patek Philippe... a favorite on my Impossible wish list!! ;)

js said...

food dreams......i always believe that if we dream hard enuf.....our dreams will come true :)