Friday, March 30, 2012

Goulash Museum

Hendrick-son at nite
I mean Stephansdom -_-
it looked so different at nite with animation on its marble wall
the crowd was still there
and the smellie Horsie and their carriges were there as well
plus their smellie poo-poo

we were hunting dinner on that evening
upon reading my reliable sources, I found a nice neat place tucked within the vicinity of Hendrick-son
I mean Stephansdom

Most of the roads in Vienna are this quaint and beautiful
I find it a pure joy to take evening strolls almost every nite :))))

JS was craving for Goulash
not really craving coz it was our 1st goulash in Vienna

Goulash originated from Hungary - the neighbouring country
at the same time it is a very popular dish in Austria, Germany, Italy, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, and so many more.....
each country has got their own variety
it is a meal on its own with hearty soup/stew of boiled meat and vegetables with spices and paprika

after 3 mins walk from Hendrickson, I mean errrr Stephansdom we found the place
it aint' fine dining but trust me....this was a hearty find :))))

u can trust this place is good when most of the customers are locals
the real test is when the waiters can't speak english
but we were mortified when we saw the menu
it has got german, english, french, italian, russian, greek, japanese
for a start we had this big-O face coz we thought it's another tourist trap

oh yum...local beer :)))))))
silky smooth
quite a variety of goulash served here and we didn't know which one to order
just trust our guts :)))))))
or check wat the next table is having

JS the sausage freak ordered a austrian sausage goulash
its stew has got a minty length which paired so well with the fat sausages
Mine was a pork goulash
oh yum....topped with a huge soft braised chilis

and fried austrian potatoes
the potatoes here are really fluffy, potato-ish and chewy to the bite
very very different variety

goulash was extremely yummy
this is wat I call comfort food :))))
with spicy length from its beautiful spices
the meat was thin to absorb all its flavour

we mopped everything off our plates
and the Chef came out and nodded his head with approvals :P

Monkey was oso nodding with approval of this family run place
:)))))))))))) heeeee
the other must eat in Austria = Apple Strudel!!!!!
it's so different fr the one we get here in Malaysia
we had apple strudels almost everyday here in Vienna
tee hee hee
more walks after a hearty happy meal :))))))))))))

this place is highly highly recommended
we actually went back the 2nd time

Goulash Museum
20 Schulerstrasse,
1010 Vienna,
Tel: +43 1512 1017


Chasing Food Dreams said...

oo.. didnt know goulash is a signature in Vienna! looks awesome and comforting and I notice potatoes in both of them... my weakness for potatoes...hehehe!

CHER-RY said...

the potatoes used were of different has a very nice "potato-ish" smell and the texture is chewy.