Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I'm having a BLUE attack!!!!

Perforated PRADA leather shoes with bow
I want :)))
Balenciaga City
I want want want!!!!
Bottega Veneta Knot clutch
super want!!!!

Miu Miu dress with slim black belt
aaaAaaaaaa :)))))))
ZARA suede heels
so sexay!!! I want!!!!

Dior Miss Dior
this would be perfect for evening outing

Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag
this one is for work, I want!!!!!
Yves Saint Laurent clutch
I can't decide which is nicer? the leather or the patent one??

Yves Saint Laurent large Cabas
I already have one in red....but....but......

JS will murder me if there's another incoming bags at home
but I've have stopped buying since....
since December 2011!!!!!!!
it's been 3 freaking months...

so last week when I carried a huge Bottega Veneta paperbag with a huge box innit
he asked cautiously: "another new bag???"
lil he know it was his birthday pressie :)))
will blog bout it another time

so I am so blue over BLUE bags now...
JS reminded me that I already have one
oh beloved Balenciaga Sunday bag which I named her Avatar 

okie JS, I promise u blue bags no blue shoes nothing new in blue
after all I've spent a bomb on ur BV bag guess I will not buy anything for the next 3 months


Anonymous said...

I like the BLUE miu miu Dress! Its so u!


CHER-RY said...

hahaha really? I actually bought a similar one from Zara :)))