Thursday, October 13, 2011

My canteen.....-_-

close friends described this as My Canteen
definitely NOT a canteen at all
next time I'll show u my canteen....hahahaha

we lurve to bunk in here for a simple casual dinner

esp if we needed a place to complement the wines
yeah the wines alwiz come first :P
they are perpetually the STAR and highlights in every dinners

when we are dining with a certain Prince.....there's alwiz bound to be oysters around
he can never get enuff of em....
esp good qualities ones freshly flown in from France

ok ok I'll bring u to have Belons and more belons oysters every single day till u wanna puke
but dun think anyone will get sick of Belons oysters...after all it is the world's best

French oysters are categorised into 2....
the pacific/ creuse and the european/plate
I prefer the "plate" ones, which are flat thin like a plate
must be the taste profile :D
heheheh JS said I have got expensive palate coz it cost twice as much as the Creuse types :P

meticulously assembled amuse bouche
this dinner was done last month....
too many posting on Sage that we alwiz decided to skip it :P

really..we alwiz come here for a simple dinner just to go wif our dearie wines
a really simple carpaccio of hiramasa....

an even more simple pasta aglio olio
garlic and olive oil

Peach granite :))))



the most famous premier cru in Chambolle Musigny - Les Amoureuses

we can't wait to tour this plot of land again in Cote D'or, France
our mission is to spend more time but then it's never enuff
u can put us one month along the Route des Grand Crus and we will not get bored

Read about our previous visit here

no dinner is complete without SWEETS!!!!

OK we gonne ROAM and WALK the EARTH soon

JS, u ready???

Cameras(sssss) check? *total of 3*
All the gazillion types of lens check?
battery charger check?
tripod check?
lens cleaner check?
ur expensive memory card check?
hmmm ur huge ass 20kg bag to store the above ready??

as for Monkey I just need
a comfortable pair of walking boots
a huge smile on the face
and Bottomless Stomach
hua hua hua hua hua hua hua hua


licheng said...

waiting patiently to see beautiful pics from both of you and hear stories of your long long gastronimic adventure :)

Chasing Food Dreams said...

I cannot decide if I like HIS or HERS... so I ll take both... hehe..

Love to see more roaming the earth pics! So romantic...

kenny said...

u looks gorgeous in red

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: hope we won't disappoint u with the incoming pics :D am bringing my Macbook to will blog fr there :D *literally fresh fr the oven!!!*

Food Dreams: hahahah yeah both main course were awesome!!!

Kenny: Thank u :D Fierce colors are my fav!!!

Baby Sumo said...

Your canteen so posh. :P

CHER-RY said...

Hi Baby Sumo: technically it is not my canteen....but then....sigh long story :P