Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Ching's Birthday

Beautiful cute super mini cupcakes 
in I Ching's favourite shades of color :)))))

we did a surprise lunchie wif her at home
it was more of a brunch
and everyone was just up fr bed....still very blur and sleepy and groogy
even when the birthday song was sang, she didn't know it's for her
-_-" aiyo~~~~~~

her name is very meaningful and suits her so perfectly
I Ching pronounced as "Ai Ching" in mandarin
it means LOVE

so I Ching is really full of love
with compassion which is so whole hearted
thoughtful and a kind person

I Ching wif Prince C - who looked rather hangover fr the previous nite

it's bcoz of her that he's a Perfect Man :P
well the saying is true that u dun find a Perfect Person in life for urself
u find someone that makes u a Perfect Person
someone so wholesome 
that completes u
hehehehe that is the power of "Ai Ching"....LOVE......Cinta....whichever language u call it, the meaning is there :))))))

so blessed to have friend like u :)))))))

my shopping partner in crime
my massage & spa kaki who enjoys it as much as I do
my confidante in every secrets and not-so-secret matters
and my friend :)))))))

for such a meaningful celebration we had 1979 Gaja
to be eaten with grand cru friend chicken Thomas Keller style
JS made it again for Sunday brunch

my fav part *even though it's not for me* kekekekeke
opening pressie in any occasion is like VAVAVOOM for me

the latest color from Bottega Veneta - Sapphire
her fav shades of color

Off Topic:
those who still didn't know yet.....
Bottega Veneta has closed its Starhill outlet and moved to Pavilion KL bout a few months ago
think this is like the 2nd time we bought Bottega Veneta in Msia
most of the time it's acquired elsewhere due to the huge price difference
can u imagine every single damn BV handbag cost more than RM 10k in Msia????
so dun blame me when I cart the whole BV boutique in Europe

JS the Cook
a more humble word than Chef
he made awesome fried chicken

us with Her Royal Highness
everyone wif their just-woke-up face
but then it's almost noon

she was so so so so so eppy
yea sumtimes the best thing in life is the simplest thing ever
simple food, even more simple company....at home, nothing fancy....dun even have to dress up

but then again it was Thomas Keller's Fried Chicken
it was a Gaja 79!!!! *it's even older than me*
Great company of ppl u loved
at a comfy home

hai.....wat am I saying here
anyway u know wat I mean about simplicity rite?

mini cupcakes by Wondermilk
they've just opened at Citta Mall

visit their website here

can't wait to see u this week!!!!
I've got a new place where we can shop while the Men golf....teee hee hee....ssshhhhhhhhhh....


licheng said...

Love the cupcakes...so pretty!

CHER-RY said...

Hi Kindy Chai!!! check out their website...they have got Halloween designs now!!!!