Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Snacking in Patong

hehehehhehe that's me and the peddler for all sorts of yummy snacks
it's like a candy cart for me hahahhahaha
and we call this vendor Jason Mraz coz of his straw hat

everyday at midnite he will stroll past outside the hotel exactly the same time without fail
Monkey & JS will hopped out to choose snacks/supper
and then returned back to our seat at the bar while waiting for it to be prepared
JS: "Wahhh u ate so much already today still wanna eat??? see that stomach of yours jutting out already......"
Monkey -_-

I.Am.Hungry. I.Wanna.EAT.

*it's the dress lar!!!!*
**denial denial tsk tsk**
He has got everything
from dried squid to chicken bum bum to chicken wings *my favourite*
pork sausage, pig liver, lean pork, pork balls,
chicken thighs and drumsticks

so many things I can't remember
U'll definitely find something that u'll want :)))
yeah some comes with sliced chilis on the skewer
oh yeah also chicken SKINS!!!!!
sigh despite buying fr Jason Mraz every midnite...I forgot to order chicken skins :P
U tend pick watever u want and pass it to Jason Mraz
He will BBQ them accordingly to your needs and preference
Jason Mraz will then dash some white pepper unto the skewered meat
I noticed the chicken were already somewat cooked....he just need to BBQ them to give it some extra zing and crunch to its skin :))))))))))))))
and the beautiful marks from the charcoal grill
*hmmm I just noticed that he is not bad looking heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
**must be the HAT >.<**
as he's BZ with his work...more curious onlooker came 
and he'll get a lot of biz esp from JS
coz somewat he's so generous that he'll buy everyone in the bar who happened to be drinking with us watever they want...
so later u'll see a group of bar-goers were BZ choosing their supper
Pork Sausage was cut this way so the heat will penetrate through
also the sharp edges would have this crispy crunch as u munch
and he dashed sufficient pepper into it...
really really YUMMY
there were also sauces on his cart
chilis, ketchup, fish sauce and some other unidentified sauces
yes this was me on a different nite
*different dress*
bottomline we had some yummy skewered BBQ-ed meat fr Jason Mraz the Peddler every midnite
even our bartender got to have supper everynite hahahahahhaa
u hungry yet???

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