Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homemade Pasta

Main ingredients for making pasta
Flour and Eggs
here we used organic free range chicken eggs

actually it's pretty easy to make pasta
but I still can't
more like refused to!!!
well when there's someone making them so well, I was just lazy to learn
JS decided to be a lil bit creative and added some thinly sliced shallots
to make the pasta more fragrant....he fried the shallots
which were to be added unto the dough later, together with some of its oil
a Pasta Machine
well if u haven't seen one.....kekkekee
one of the most under-used machine at home
only egg yolks were used
the color of the pasta depends on your yolk
normal commercialised chicken eggs won't give u such color
think he used 9 egg yolks :P
how come so yellow???
did u add colourings???

then u let the dough rest for a while....errr did u??
I forgot :P
JS bought the motorised pasta machine a few years ago after his pasta lesson with Chef Lino
he can't bear to roll it by hand kekekeke
well as an engineer in nature and in profession all forms of motorised human invention must be utilised to the most
roll your pasta dough to the desired thickness
in our case - thinness :P
then on the other end of the machine is the pasta "shaper"
dunno wat do u call them
u can make any width/shapes u desired - there are a few selection on the machine
dump more flour into it
basically to separate them
or u can also hang then to dry
JS invented this storage method :P
into the muffin tin
bcoz each ball is about one portion of pasta for a person
then these babies were kept in the freezer until they are ready to be used
just plonk them into the boiling hot water for a while and there u have ur fresh handmade egg pasta
since there leftover shallots oil he made a simple pasta for dinner
can't get any fresher than this hahahahha
sorry horrible pic on my iPhone
on another day, he made pork + meatballs from scratch to be eaten with the pasta
was so awesome!!!!!

he even made tomato sauce fr scratch with fresh roma tomatoes
there's still plenty of bottled sauces in the freezer
can we have this again soon???? the meatballs one!!!
pls pls pls pls pls!!!!!!


choi yen said...

Looks like pan mee huh :P

Chasing Food Dreams said...

fu yoh.. all homemade from scratch... lucky you! drool...

JS: you got so many talents lah!
How long do you need to cook fresh pasta ya?

js said...

Hye food dreams. Basically frozen fresh pasta probably need about 1-2 mins until the water boil again. Then dump it into the ready heated sauce n braise for another min or so. The freezing process will ensure some crunch or what the Italians call al dente. Try it :))
Choi yen. Remove the political boundaries from yr mindset and u will quickly realize pasta=noodles n vice versa :)))

CHER-RY said...

Choi Yen: I think the Italians copied the chinese *Thanks to Marco Polo*

Noodle = Pasta
Wan Tan/ Shui Kow = Ravioli
Man Farn = Risotto

agree? :)))) hehehhehe

Thevi said...

Iron Chef / Top Chef JS, when are you conducting classes? Can i book my space now??

js said...

Aiyoh chef class lar....just come and makan :))

Unknown said...

hey there..
im sorry suddenly leave a comment here.
But I would like to asked you about the pasta machine? where did you brought it?
I search everywhere for the pasta machine but it dont came with the "machine" at the side of it. I had to used hand to roll and its really tiring.

Hope to hear from you soon. Sorry for bothering.

CHER-RY said...

Hello Matao Yee: This pasta maker was procured from HTC.