Wednesday, October 05, 2011

MK Gold Restaurant

We were wandering around Jungceylon - a hip modern leisure shopping dining entertainment mall
which was just a walking distance fr our hotel
it was meant to be a WALKING WANDERING activity in the late afternoon

somehow the law of FOOD attraction just pulled us to this exciting menu
yeah blame it on their menu
and we were glued to it, flipping thru for a few miliseconds

the yummy crispy roast duck merchandised neatly on its window ain't helping either
but then we'll have dinner in 2 hours time!!!!!!!

MK is one of the famous food chain in Thailand
they started with suki or steamboat and now have expanded to Japan
MK alwiz promotes healthy living with its menu and calories counter at the end of the meal

after a few miliseconds, we found ourselves on this table slapping our forehead
sigh.....wat happened??? wat did we end up here???

and both of us were so obedient....
OK.....we gonna order as minimum as possible ok???
afterall this isn't lunch so it's neither here nor there and dinner is just around the corner.

we have some beautiful clean vege
all were carefully prepared

the famous MK sauce to dip all ur food into
it has got some roasted sesame seed innit

thinly sliced pork for the steamboat
it's really really thin with some fat lining
so u dun really need to boil tat long

and as usual SOMEONE needs his carbs
so out came this plate of green spinach al dente noodle
it has got a very good texture, cooked with garlic oil

I like their slurpee in all sorts of fruits
so refreshing for a warm day

Crispy deep fried roasted pork
no, this was not taken fr the next table
we ordered it :P
so much for a light snacks

and we finished everything on this plate :P
this crispy pork comes with a when u order it...ask the sauce to be served separately 

our calories counter after the meal
Energy:  1,151 kcal
Protein: 40.2 gm
Carbs: 102.1 gm
Fat: 64.9 gm
Dietary Fiber: 4.0 gm
Sodium: 2.4 gm
Calcium: 178.9 mg
Iron: 5.4 mg

hmmmmm we shouldn't have walk in >.<

MK Restaurant
Ground Floor, Jungceylon,
Patong, Phuket.

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