Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Gerek-gerek di Ubud, Bali

gerek-gerek = jalan-jalan as in bersiar-siar

this is Puri Agung Ubud
it served as a cultural centre during the 8th century
today there's still performance and dance such as gamelan during special ocassion
Monkey trying to dance :P
deities line up this place
most of em were so "aged" it almost lost its form and beautiful stone carvings
Balinese dress their deities up in sarongs and flowers on its ear
I know I've been very very notti but pls dun whack me :((((((((((((((
waiting for JS to finish his photography
opposite this puri is the famous Babi Guling Ibu Oka
*read bout it here*
later we hopped over to the Ubud market
this lady can really carry a lot of things just like a donkey
*not insulting her but donkeys are alwiz made to carry things....:(((*
offerings of flowers on a folded leaves container
u see these everywhere esp on the main entrance of homes
short posting today...
coz I'm already on a holiday mood
but promised that I'll continue to blog for u guys
*scheduled postings that is*
while I'm away...

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