Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Restaurant, The Club, The Saujana

yep u didn't read it wrong
this place is call The Restaurant
at the premier wing of the hotel called The Club
at The Saujana Hotel KL

Monkey first stepped foot here 2 years ago when it was spanking new
for a special event....Mastercard Platinum event
so I didn't blog bout it
that event came with a night room stay at The Club

"Hi Ed, nice location. Wat's the name of this restaurant?"
Ed: "It's called The Restaurant."
"ohhh...just like The Club, The Spa...so is the chef called The Chef?"
Ed: "no no no no, she's an aussie chef, allow me to introduce...."

well that was 2 years ago and I never came back
not bcoz of the food nor service...
just bcoz it's so far fr KL

and last Friday, Monkey brought JS and gang and kiddos here
for dinner after our busy hectic day cleaning our new home :P

JS was so skeptical
he's skeptical at watever that's new to him
and he's very particular about glasses

if the place dun use proper glasses
sure kena banned :P
so Monkey had to alwiz spot check when making reservation
minimum must have Riedel glasses
haiiii......kasi malu only...
before I stepped in, staffs at any restaurant kena scrutinised like this 
already branded us as snob.
Baby Caden playing "chiaaakkk!!!" behind the riedel glasses
he's only 3

Since we have 3 kiddos plus a notti monkey
we had to ask for a private room
and special request for a baby chair
staffs were very very accommodating
yummy creamy slightly salted butter and warm bread
bread was very very good with that crisp on its outer layer
forgotten to ask wat sort of butter they used :P
we started off with a simple Chablis
amuse bouche of smoked dried salmon
with lil cute pearl balls of cold cucumber
mushroom consomme with tortellini
the mushrooms were deep fried beforehand to give it some texture
and the yummy pure consomme were poured in
Chef Nancy Kinchela lurves this style

2 years ago we had lobster bisque done this style too
and Monkey was dining with Chris da Boss
when the entree was served, he was already so hungry can die

the plate came with some watermelon and lobster meat on top, just like the size above
instead of waiting for the lobster bisque he consumed everything and was busy wiping his lips with the napkin
to the shock of the staffs when he was about to pour in the consomme T_T
*aiks everything gone????*

the waiter was so sweet and gave him another plate :P
from that day onwards, Chris da Boss will alwiz check with me....
which cutleries to use, which glass to pick and which side is his bread
coz he ALWIZ ALWIZ take the wrong side
Chris da Boss: "Wat r u staring at??? I'm a china man marrrr"
okie lor....:P I never say anything oso
homemade gnocchi with sugared olives,
sun dried tomatoes and shavings of parmesan
scallops ceviche with capers, dill and shallots
the balance of all the taste just rolled in ur mouth
grilled striploin was done to perfection
char-grilled on the outside and pink on the inside
wished they have more selections of beef :)))))
pan seared sea bass with baby artichoke in sunchoke puree
served with watercress and parsley jus
grilled king prawns was done to perfection
so good no sauce needed

all meat fr the grill are served with a choice of lemon caper butter, merlot or wild mushroom sauce
also comes with side of truffled mashed potatoes and seasonal mixed vege
duck is I Ching's favourite :))))
roast duck breast with onion brulee and braised sweet beets
JS was forced to snap this pic by Baby Caden
when this lil bowl of greens was served to him....he didn't touch it...
instead he yelled fr the other end of the table where he was seated to JS

JS was bz tucking into his pasta
and poor Baby Caden was still screaming uncleeeeeeeeee :P
well guess if Baby Caden call him kor kor then JS will come rushing in to snap pic for him :P
off the menu
seafood linguine
Monkey & I Ching deep in conversation
and so is Baby Caden

occasionally he will interrupt our conversation as though he understands
in fact he's seriously intelligent for a 3 year old
*that afternoon her forced me to watch Alvin & The Chipmunks with him boooohoooooooo*
creme brulee with deep fried churro laced with brown sugar
it was a HIT!!!!!
this one was like a cassata
we had 2 of these :P

the kiddos and Monkey had a homemade vanilla ice cream each
yes told ya I eat like a kid :P

petit four served on a bed of fragrant roasted coffee beans
overall the experience was great here
yummy food with some personal touch
and we noticed the ingredients used were meticulously sourced

The Restaurant at The Club,
The Saujana Hotel, Saujana Resort,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel: 603 7843 1234


boo_licious said...

I like their cutlery - matt ones from Jim Thompson that are so unusual here.

Yeah, this place is well hidden away. Food looks better than what I tasted before so must give it a try again since you give it your thumbs up.

js said...

Boo.....I would recommend the meat at this place :)

CHER-RY said...

Boo: Lemme know your outcome :)). Scallop is great!!

JT in Thailand = super affordable. :)

Rebecca Saw said...

Luv your pics!

CHER-RY said...

Thank you for dropping by Rebecca :)))))