Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deep Fried Siakap *by JS*

Note: all pics taken with JS's iPhone 3Gs *yes haven't change to 4G yet*

This place is a hidden gem in Johor Bahru in the Pasir Putih area at the end of the Pasir Gudang Highway after the industrial area. It is reminiscence to your typical neighborhood malay makan stall with all the standard lauk lauk(side dish in Malay language)and red white checkered table cloth. However this stall has something special to offer and definitely the signature dish and worth a mention.
A favorite amongst locals, the restaurant is called Kedai Makan Rahmat(literally translated to Rahmat eating shop) and is situated on the shores opposite Singapore(like a couple of hundred meters from Singapore). You can actually see marine vessels sailing by with their containers of goods, etc and the view is of somewhat serene and reminds me of the east coast of Malaysia.
see the barge with containers in the distant.
a tranquil Malay fishing kampung environment adds to your total dining experience.

It is a casual restaurant with lots of eager staff serving you. On the way to your table, simply go to the food counter and point out what you want............and don't forget
to order this one....... It is deep fried the moment you place your order.

Sizzling and crackling deep fried siakap(Barramundi in English)
and served with this very basic but tasty sauce made from calamansi, shallots, green chilly and sweet soya sauce. A perfect combo when eaten with the deep fried siakap.

In addition you can also order your common malay neighborhood stall food such as...............
tempeh(fermented soya bean) in sambal.
acar cucumber.
stir fried string beans with anchovies.

And indeed they have many other curries and rendangs so just remember to go in a big group so you can savor everything on the menu!

free dessert!!!

This place is open only during lunch and if you are early(like before 12 noon) then no issue with sitting. Should you intend to be there after 12 noon, making a reservation would be prudent.

telephone nos is on the tyre incase!

One last mention.......remember to wash your hands cos you need to eat with your hands to appreciate the food to the fullest :)

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CHER-RY said...

wow the fish looked so time u must take me to this place.

On another note, the quality pics of an iPhone is really not too bad....dunnit the SLRs already :P