Thursday, September 24, 2009

BBQ Nite 1

This post is dedicated to Veeny who's far far away in Cyprus
so that u can see who's grown taller/fatter/thinner/funnier/still the same
Eveline has recently acquired a breadmaker and she's been making bread non-stop
JS bought high quality wagyu ribs from Delicious Ingredients and had it flown 
all the way to Kota Kinabalu
wat ppl can do for the love of food
when the wagyus have been smacked into the oven
the garlic, red pepper and sweet corn took their place in the griller
Monkey now has license to grill
hey this was not a mock shot with me posing!!!
I was there the whole nite grilling food!!!!
JS fried bario rice with the wagyu fat/
can feel my heart choking
TA-DA!!!!! oh sweet
Bernard da Joker and the boys waiting for food/meat
Her Royal Highness busy slicing the beef gently
I want this part!!!!
yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum
the wagyu rib was so juicy with good amount of fats
Eveline beaming from ear to ear
and the bones go to those who are born in the year of DOG!!!!
Veeny, wished u are here with us :))))
Bernard da Joker entertained us the whole nite with his amazing innovative never run dry jokes
Mark was still busy chomping on his piece of bone
Eveline was merry jolly the whole nite
Andrew has grown so much he is as tall as JS now
for a 13 year old that's damn tall!!!
while Mark had surpassed JS long time ago
Her Royal Highness was amazing with her knife works as alwiz :))))
thank u for slicing the meat in such manner for us to enjoy
Bernard da Joker: "Mommy!!! I'll have the last piece"
Happy to see happy ppl eating so happily
*esp Mark*
that includes Obi Wan Kenobi the maid
Obi is her real name -_-
Happy JS
Since we took so much effort to lug out the BBQ griller
cleaned it
attached the gas
and more cleaning
and more lugging around to the right spot
we thought might as well have another BBQ nite

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