Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ang Hae Durians

some called it Red Prawn....but in hokkien it's "Ang Hae"
it is one of the top range durians in Malaysia and won numerous awards each year
*I didn't know there's such awards*
these durians were from Balik Pulau
it has such small tiny seed
so u can imagine how much were its flesh
JS arranged this small Durian Party for us
at one of his station
right after our Tg Tokong dinner
*we can really eat*
I'm not a fan of durian
but this Ang Hae has a bitter sweet taste, very rich like peanut butter-ish
with a kick of alcohol towards the end

oh yes...when visiting Penang
must maximise the stomach space
eat as much as u can

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