Friday, September 04, 2009

Midnite noodle, Ipoh

Monkey was hungry...and needed supper
trusting the Ipoh clan's taste and choice *namely Prince C & I Ching*
we let them picked us up to unidentified location in old town for FOOD

Prince C: "We gonna have the best Wat Tan Ho"
ok ok ok ...I can't wait

and I didn't know that I have to wait from "today till tmrw" for it
we reached the place at 11.15pm....
and watched the cook swayed his butt while maneuvering his wok
just like doin ballroom dancing >_<
the famous amazingly super delicious smooth wat tan ho
heavy in pork stock sauce which good amount of eggs
it was so slurpy u better swallow carefully!!!!

almost needed no effort to eat it
I LIKE!!!! :)))

but food only came at 12.25m
JS face was as black as the bottom of the wok
fried mi hun
such simple food could be so tasty almost made me cried

in the future if u wanna go, pls bring your work/newspaper/notebook bla bla bla
and be prepared to WAIT!!!!!!
*coz the cook only cooks one potion at one go to retain its quality and flava*


S-kee said...

where? where exactly is this place? :P~~~

CHER-RY said...

S-Kee: It's in Ipoh's old town...I dun have the address....*drools* U can ask anyone fr Ipoh and they'll know the famous "nite wat tan ho" :))))