Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BKT at San Ho's

Last month we were invited to dinner at San Ho
and it was my first time meeting him and his beautiful family
the ladies posed before chomping on the bak kut teh
u see, San Ho is a Malaysian and he's from....guess?!??!?!?!?!
Klang!!!! kekekek so Bak Kut Teh was his specialty
while the men were busy sipping their wines~~~~~in the kitchen
this time round, the men did all the cooking
ladies just MAKAN!!!!
BKT must go with chili and dark soya sauce with steaming hot rice
WAHHH really good!!!!
every couple had their own pot of yummy herbalicious BKT!!!
another specialty of San Ho - Chili pork
okra with chili flakes
this one made by his maids
yup, it was a chili nite...if kenot eat, pls go home.
it was a huge makan session
can't remember how many ppl came :P
the kiddos have their own room and table and menu
Bagaholic Tracie, J&J Jelina, Flatmate Amy
the 3 of them were staring at someone
staring at GOE busy chomping his BKT
he was giving me his DND face
Si Fu Lawrence and JS busy in the kitchen with the 2 maids
I LURVE wat tan yin yong!!!!!!
look at its TOPPINGS!!!!
yum yum yum yum yum
think I had 2 plates :)))
papparazissssss and Bagaholic doin a grand slam with her pinot there
Ann Liat taking pic of me taking pic of him
host San Ho taking Monkey's pic
after taking care of his tummy, GOE is back at work again
*snap snap snap snap snap*
can't remember how many cameras were there that nite
Happy ppl after a Happy meal
San Ho's maids whipped this excellent hokkien mee
-_- yeah maids can cook hokkien mee
smiley face couple :))))
GOE and his flatmate
yeah coz the wife is the boss
the camera is the gf
Charles and family :))))
Cop biskut?
J&J Jelina & James
Bagaholic tried to cover something...hmmmm.......
*dun worry that freaky friend who lurves to pinch him is not around*
JS & Hock Lee who lurves whisky
Seong Wan the winelord and his Wine Lady

Monkey & JS
erm we drank 19 bottles...of 3 were KRUGS, 1 sticky, 1 Dom Perignon, 1 rose,
1 magnum bille cart salmon....and a crazy MAGNUM of echezeaux
chambertin..MSD.....and so many other burgundy I can't remember
Hock Lee who lurves whisky: "Wanna try some Cherry?"
*hic* no thank u!!!!!
moist chocolate cake
chinese dumplings
served with grated coconut and palm sugar
they called it penang style
Thank you to Host and Hostess
wat a huge makan galore

and I lurve your rooftop pool and spa


Tsu Lin + + said...


Tsu Lin + + said...

Please chop LY to make me that wat tan yin yong... salivating here la!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Ask LY when is he going bk to Melbourne so can cook for me!!! WAHAHA

CHER-RY said...

TL: aiyooo I share your frustration of having to look at the pic but kenot eat...kekeke..think he's goin back in November...go ask him...hehe