Thursday, April 09, 2009

SHADES, Zeta Bar

It's a new band at Zeta Bar and we were invited to preview its energetic performance
the 2 lady singers were awesome with strong vocal
and they REALLY really can shake their asses like Shakira

while the 6 foot tall singer was only cute
Sexay Back Maggie: "Wat is he doin there at the back? Is he pretending to be a VASE?"
Sexay Back & Bubbly Deviga
who came together...
they are the new chopstick sisters ever since they knew each other
erm like 3 weeks ago?
Monkey & No Longer Available JH
I was surprised he WAS WILLING to have a pic with me

ooOOooo I am so honoured
*sob sob sob*
bring me some tissues pls

there was a spring/summer 09 presentation by Max & Co
it's not helping me to save money at all
*I need to stop spending $$$ this month*

"OOOOoo I like the bags....and also the stilettos....aaAAAAaaaaa"
Sexay Back Maggie & Tatler Mare
Mare won the lucky draw and got herself a Max & Co sexay shades
Beautiful CS & Monkey
she was busy the whole nite trotting around in her champagne glasses

Monkey no drink drink
sick mar :P
it was my 1st time meeting Bubbly Deviga
Nice to meet u gal!!!
surely had fun and let's do this again yea!!!

So Hilt Sharon's bosses, So Hilt Sharon & Monkey

When I came out...So Hilt was not to be found
so this was the only pic I have
*thanks for tagging Beautiful CS :)*

we missed AKASHA!!!
read about AKASAH *here*

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