Friday, April 03, 2009

Sick :"(

Monkey has been down with viral since Tuesday
*I can't remember the last time I was sick*

went to see Doc Takeshi Kaneshiro look-aliked
but that didn't help coz he asked me to come back after 3 days
coz it was at its infacy
*or more like he wanna get more $$$ outta me*

Mr. JS had been so caring and took care of Monkey these few days
with homemade soup everyday...

Anyway I've spread it to Mr. JS as well....
last nite he was down with higher fever, pain in the joints.

both of us were laying like logs this morning
couldn't wake up

"Shall we check into hospital today and let the docs + nurses take care of us."
JS: "No....I don't like to stay in the hospital."

"The nearest hospital is Prince Court down the road. I know they give top notch service."
JS: " shall we check into the hotel...and let them take care of us??"


hotel is not equivalent to hospital ok?!?!?!
let's go to the hospital lar...
let them put me on drip/injection/anything so I can get well soon.
and kill the murther fucka virus!!!!


neil said...

Get well soon! :(

Tsu Lin + + said...

Get well soon, both of you!

js said...

believe it or not....i went to see the doc at twin tower medical centre...and got this pills(whole stash of it!!) for bone ache. Took one immediately and the rest of the day i thought i actually could golf 18 holes!!! so that was the end of the medication :) txs for all your wishes.