Monday, April 13, 2009

Wine tasting @ Artisan Cellars

the boys wanted to hang out here before dinner,
so the ladies thought why not...after all they've been tottering around Orchard Road
with us SHOPPING

am beginning to love Chambolle now with its floral nose
the beauty of de stemmed wines.
Doc & Monkey eppy eppy as alwiz whenever it come to wines
We were introduced to Henry YoYo who ran this place
*okie yo yo is not his real name*
the 2 busy thrashing wine notes
me can't hear a thing......
how to listen when there's 2 person busy talking?
bla bla bla bla bla
both trying to be wine si fu(s)
okie at least one of em is a camwhore like me
paused a sec for me to snap a proper pic before continuing
the other one continued to yada yada yada yada
*he is soooo gonna whack me*

Artisan Cellars
390 Orchard Road #B1-01,
Palais Renaissance,
Singapore 238871
Phone: +65-6838-0373

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