Thursday, July 03, 2014

Oversea Restaurant, Ipoh....revisited

The ever amazing caramelized sticky Char Siew. I would go on a strict diet just to indulge in this!!!! With an outer crust, the middle of the Char Siew was just velvety-melts-in-ur-mouth.....who can resist this succulent Char Siew???

*File photo from 2013*
But my favourite has got to be the Char Siew wrapped with salted egg yolk!! oh damn, this has to be special order it seems. So we didn't get to indulge in these the last trip....this idea is just too brilliant!!!! anything with salted egg yolk is brilliant!!! to the happiness of my Cardiologist....bcoz of ppl/patients like me, his pocket just got deeper.

a Perfectly Steamed Fish can never be missed here at Oversea Restaurant. Their special homemade sauce is their secret and success to this dish. Not to forget the procurement of ever reliable fresh high quality fish....and finally the cooking technique/execution.

Yes steaming a damn fish ain't that easy huh? It's a combination of many many things. But Monkey is so eppy eppy bcoz Chef willingly sold me his special secret sauce in a huge 5 litres bottle!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA all thanks to his regular dearie I-Ching :))) now I can have yummy steamed fish at home bcoz JS has already mastered the art and execution for this.

ish, should not have mentioned this here else chef will no longer sell me things or share ideas with me....this applies to Chef Takashi...he refused to teach me how to make the superlicious Abalone Angel Hair Pasta. His exact answer was:
"If I teach you, you won't come again."

pleaseeeeee....if we can cook and create like you do, we would have open a restaurant. Hahahahahaha but that will never happen bcoz we just don't have the passion and flair to run such establishment. More passion has to be concentrated on indulgence and appreciation. You can never have everything don't ya?

Pok Pok Pok chicken!!!! wake up!! u are supposed to crow!!! But sorry....u are a hen not a rooster. I thought a hen could crow too? Do they?

This was an organic free range chicken reared in the sparse land in Perak. Hence there's hardly any fat underneath its skin. The dark yellow skin was so crunchy and this Monkey hardly consume steamed chicken like this....but IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!

Usually chickens that were reared for its meat only lasted 6 in they grow till about 6 weeks and it's time to visit the slaughter house. While free range organic ones like these, were aged till about 14 weeks old and have plenty of room to run around and pok pok pok. There's a lot of difference in terms of taste and texture. Not to forget the kind of feeds they consume.

My Gawd!!! the highlight of my visit to Oversea Restaurant in Ipoh has alwiz been nothing but this. Homemade toufu with Petola gourd or known as Luffa or loofah.

They cut the gourds in such shape to catch/coat its yummy thick gravy. The homemade soya toufu were fried till its crisp and brown on the outside, while inside were still runny and soft with the fragrant of the soya. I believed they coated the outside with eggs bcoz when it was served, the nose were like fried eggs!!!! oh so yumsss..

I wanted to cry looking at this dish....cry in joy.
Such simple dish but so yummy and complex.
We could never get this in Oversea at Jalan Imbi....only in Ipoh. So I suspected either they fried it in animal fats or their breathe of fire/wok hei were pretty damn powerful to give such nose and color.

Finally some carbs to keep the boys happy....boys who were too busy playing golf the entire day, they needed a lot of carbs to replenish their energy. Just a simple fried rice with eggs, long beans, shrimps and crab meat. The secret to this was again their homemade soya sauce which I managed to procure through dearie I-Ching :))))

I know....I'm a freaking lucky bastard!!!
That's us, wherever and whenever we travelled, it's not about plasticky made-in-china souvenirs or crap *This includes art pieces and painting at beautiful Montmarte Paris were made/painted in China* It's alwiz food, be it fresh produce from meat to vege to fruits or some gourmet stuffs like salt, sauces and dried seafood.....sometimes rice too. And at times junk food...wahahahahaha.

Alwiz look forward to visiting the original and pioneer Oversea Restaurant in Ipoh. Next week there will be a business gathering at Oversea Jalan Imbi. The food won't have similar quality but it's 45% there. Yes if u think Jalan Imbi is awesome, try the real mcCoy in Ipoh. It will blow u off ur socks and panty!!

Oversea Restaurant
57-65, Jalan Seenivasagam,
30450 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 605 253 8005

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