Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hamburger-ing on a lazy Tuesday afternoon

Champagnes were selected the evening before....chilled early in the morning. Actually not that was already 10am when these babies were dunked into the ice bucket. Monkey was shocked!!! We are gonna have Krug Rose????
JS nodded seriously and my eyes dilated even further.
Plus there's another bottle from d'Ambonnay. Laetitia by Henri Billiot, named after his extremely capable daughter who's running the business now.

So the day before, Monkey was forced to help....yeah not that I alwiz help out in the kitchen anyway. Actually the truth was...he refused help from Monkey bcoz according to him, I made things worse in the kitchen. Either doing it the wrong way or creating more mess for him. It's better to do it on his own.

But this was different, he needed someone to "catch" the grinded Wagyu and Grain-fed beef as he's bz feeding the KitchenAid with chunks of meat. Such simple task, what could go wrong right?

oh don't worry dear readers...nothing went wrong. See I told you, I'm not such a disaster-maker in the kitchen. It's just him being perfectionist and a paranoid.

JS waited till the last guests arrived before he fire up his stove. The guinea pigs guests were on time....on the dot. It was a public holiday so the roads were cleared and so were their stomachs. Everyone came hungry, just woke up from their slumber or "Crawler-dance" the nite before....first thing that guests requested - COFFEE!!! a very really hot cuppa.

Piranhas guinea pigs then proceeded to ATTACK the meat to the happiness of Chef. He's happy when everyone dig in like outta-jail convicts. Well it was our first meal of the day for all of us...of coz we were hungry!!!

everyone got to build their own burger according to their liking from the gherkins, to the relish, crispy bacon, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh onions, homemade Heston Blumenthal burger sauce and finally hot japalenos. That's my favourite :))))

Some like it plain and old school without those peripherals. Just simple burger with homemade beef patty.

Peakie D was staring at her medium rare burger - the way she likes her meat to be done. As BLUE and as RARE as possible.

On the outside, it's just charred nicely to hold the meat together, while on the inside it should be juicy and bursting with flavour. Peakie D lurve it so rare, it's almost like a beef-tartare on the inside.

Ben has got the prettiest looking burger...see how pink it was on the inside. YUMSSSSZZZZZZ

Beautiful CS: "Watch me bite. I've got big mouth ya know?"

Sexay Back Maggie and Monkey -_-" and nodded in agreement. Yes we all know u've got a really big XXXXXL mouth. 

Is this a greek salad?
Nope, it's just a simple summer salad which I've ate at Jibby & Co. It was so simple and extremely yummy. Watermelon, Rucola, Feta Cheese, Dried Craisins/Cranberries and toasted pine nuts in a really simple olive oil + balsamic vinegar dressing.

Our main course was resting in the kitchen......upon guests arrivals, each and everyone of them were brought in for a tour. Not the tour of my house.....tour to the kitchen to preview the huge 3kg slab of roast pork, still pipping hot in the oven.


I lurve how the fats isn't the chunky type but the soft gelatinous ones which melts in ur mouth. Just look at the layers and layers of meat - fat- meat- fat and finally the krok-krok-krok skin. When we were consuming this, everyone was playing symphony inside their mouth with a de-sync krok-krop-krok-krok-kroooppp and followed by a HMMMmmmmmMmmmmmm~~~~~~~

so flavourful to be eaten on its own :)))) We have so many dips from chilis to homemade apple sauce and Pierre Hermes relish but the best was still on its own.

After all the massive piranhas's time to take a break and have some serious talk. Lyndon just got back from Rio de Janeiro but it wasn't about Worldcup nor football that they were discussing. It's more of CEO issues :P I was peeking my ears to get some insider news but these guys were being pretty hush-hush.

While the ladies were MADE to help out in the kitchen by JS. Yeah he alwiz said I screwed things up for him, so he ain't asking me. Instead he asked my dearie friends to assist him in making.....SOUFFLE. Yeah of all things....SOUFFLE.

First they were made to separate the whites and the yolks...and broke so many eggs. JS was warning them that he has got no more eggs so please be careful!!!! 2 big trays of eggs were gone just like tat~~~~~~

Sexay Back Maggie already got scolding and yak yak yak and lecture from Chef.

JS: "This is not how u butter the ramekins. U need to dust it properly with sugar without making a mess like this."
see I told you..I'm not the disastrous one...neither are my friends. We are NORMAL. It's just that he's a perfectionist. From the pic u could see he's already straining his neck like Gordon Ramsay.

by the way sometimes, he called himself Gordon LIMsay. Oh whatever Mr. Lim, just stop yelling at me in the kitchen next time or push me to hurry up or inform me that my meat is so COLD/Frozen it's screaming "Let it Go....Let it GO~~~~~"

Sexay Back bz cleaning up Beautiful CS's work by scraping the top even. You could see they were so stressed. I never ever able to get them to do things for me. Not even lifting a finger to get my bag or a ciggie....but JS could made them shivered.

I would be stressed too if the LIMsay kept on walking about giving instructions. Phheewwwwww~~~
Told u people, there's no FREE LUNCH...u gotta work for it.

Beautiful CS, Sexay Back Maggie, JS, Shy Chatwin.

and when the yummy Pistachios Souffle were out. Everyone clapped happily!!!!

Monkey: "Yeah!!!! no disaster, we've got desserts to eat!! but WHY are they so ugly looking?"

Beautiful CS and Sexay Back Maggie threw me that stare. Ok ok I'll just eat. Shy Chatwin reminded me that he contributed too by putting the finishing touches on top with toasted pistachios.

LIMsay was really happy and pleased bcoz this was his first attempt on Pistachio Souffle. He made a few souffles before but this one was different bcoz there's Marzipan and some other stuffs innit.

Beautiful CS was really eppy too and will attempt this in the future for us. Okie now I'm waiting to be invited over to ur house.

and now we are ready to serve our guests with REALLY UGLY LOOKING SOUFFLE!!!!!

Before that...cut the top open and drop a dollop of creamie velvety chocolate ice creams. The contrast of HOT and COLD alwiz works for desserts :))))) YUMSSSSSSS

Peakie D was digging and digging into her volcano.

Peakie D: "This is soooo yummms. The best souffle is by Chef JS and Cilantro in town."

JS -_-"
This one can't be compared to Cilantro Restaurant. Theirs is so fine and this is more rustic. Maybe JS should intern in their kitchen for a week :P

everyone ended the luncheon with lots of joy happiness and a really extremely full tummy. I had to skip dinner!!!! kekekekekekeke.

the ladies
BCBG Amy, Beautiful CS, Sexay Back Maggie, Monkey, Peakie D with Dinah :)))
Thank you peeps for coming and clearing all the FOOD!!!! Biggest thanks to Chef LIMsay for cooking the yummiest food alwiz :)))

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