Wednesday, July 09, 2014

My Mini Me

Sorry for the blur pic but isn't my Mini Me cute as a pumpkin? *pinch pinch pinch*

Baby Belle is my precious and she alwiz manage to steal my heart with her lil actions, even if it means helping me to teach her elder brother a lesson at times. Her chubby fingers would be pointing at him mimicking my action, repeating after me telling the brother never to do it again. She's not even 3 but behaving like a 30-year-old.


She oso has my huge appetite for food. Kakakakakaka. She could finish everything and anything, mopping up every morsels of food off her plates/bowls and her cheeks hahahahaha. Kids are so messy right? and I forgot to bring out her bib then. U see this Monkey isn't a child friendly person, nor a very knowledgeable one...she just treats her lil friends like her usual friends.

hmmm maybe it's all my fault she's behaving and speaking like a 30-year-old.

Baby Belle was calling out to me softly when we were walking at the mall. She insisted that I held her hands...she kept on calling sweetly and I just answered "yes" firmly until I gave up....

So Monkey creak her spine and bent down, asked her wat's up?
Baby Belle planted the softest kiss ever on my cheek.

Is that all? Is that all u wanted to tell me?
Yes that's all to make my day :)))
On another note, wat izzit that u want? :P I doubt u are that simple huh? hmmmm just like me :P
and last weekend, she was being so notti that I had to whack her...or did I? can't remember my memory is bad these days...only remember glorious things...not about bullying 2.5 footer toddler.

She cried loud and all eyes turned to us at the restaurant. As she was crying wiping her big pearly tears, Monkey had to force her to take selfie and she obliged with a smile. Then continued crying...

I showed Sexay Back this picca and she said I'm a Psycho Auntie....hahahahaha
Yes. I.Am.
nobody ever said I'm normal ever since I was born.

So I don't do things the norm way. kekekekeke.

Speaking of that noisy nossy Sexay is her Birthday :))))
Happy Birthday Sexay Back Maggie. Looking forward to see you soon.

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