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Louisiana Crab Factory, SS2

Mr. Black Mannequin greeted guests at the entrance with his beloved bib and a bucket. He looked like he's asking for money izzit......Don't worry, we are coming in here to give u business so that u will have some clothes on and there is no need to beg for money anymore OK?

Beautiful CS and Sexay Back Maggie brought Monkey here for her birthday celebration and it was really good. So I thought it would be lovely to introduce yummy food to your dearie friends.

My friend....who refused to eat REAL and Actual food except junks. Hence he's so tiny and skinny for his age. Oh don't worry, I was like that at your age and look at me now. Fat and Juicy hahahaha.

JS's friend who got 5 shades darker thanks to 36 holes of golf everyday. I really don't understand men and golf. When Monkey asked JS to go shopping with me in an AIR-CONDITIONED environment, he said it a hot day so let's skip it. But he can basked under the sun from 8am until 4pm playing 36 holes of golf. Who plays 36 holes anyway????? 18 holes is already sufficient. I guess they were testing the durability of their arms, as long as it's not detached yet they will continue to play until the marshals chased them outta the golf course.

I Ching and the kids lurve BLUE hence they love my lil Miss Poot Poot Poot car so much.

It was early in the morning *according to the kids*.....and everyone were sleepy. Actually it was 11.45am when we walked into Crab Factory. To dine here, u gotta make reservations in advance because it is perpetually full be it for lunch or dinner.

Simple and fuss free to order....just choose your seafood and how many kilos/grams u want...then choose its sauce. They have Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter and its Signature Southern Bang.

The next step would be to choose your HEAT level...how spicy do u want your seafood. I would suggest between Mild and O'ly Crab coz u dun wanna just taste HEAT instead of the sweetness of the seafood and beautiful fragrant of the spices right?

Finally add in the sides that you wished to pair with your seafood...from sweet corns to potatoes, to enoki mushrooms, sausages, button and king mushrooms.

Decision time!!! though the menu is simple and fuss free we still took a while to place our orders bcoz everyone wanted their own thing with different flavours etc.

And to satisfy everyone's needs....we have to discuss and be diplomatic about which seafood and to cook with which sauce and to pair with which sides. We can't be ordering individual portions for everyone right? That would be "Holy Crab" with shitload of seafood!!!

First thing first....silence the kids with Carbo Drinks...Fanta just somehow reminded me of my childhood. But I've long graduated from Fanta Grapes or Oranges.

It's the "American Wine" for Monkey hehehehehe...fully loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup which were made from Genetically Modified Corns and chemicals. Hence it has been banned in my household. The only time any bottles of Cokes were allowed into the shopping carts were when guests are coming over to the house and there's nothing else to drink.

JS usually throw me that disgusted look when Monkey would be worshipping her bottle of Coca Cola. Hehehehehee.......

Prince C announced he has long graduated from Fanta and Coca Cola, all while proclaiming he's the champion bcoz he's now having beer. -_-"

Soon, high quality almost waxed paper were placed properly on our table. Freshly cut limes were strewn on the table with shellfish utensils.

Kids were horrified. What's going on?
My dear friends...we are gonna eat on the table.
Kids: "Yes but why?"

Monkey then kept on knocking on the table explaining that this gonna be our "plates"

It's clean.

"See I've got a tattoo on my hand....I'm not gonna dirty my left hand eating with hands!!!"

Daddy: "Why do u have tattoo? U wanna be gangster?"

So for the rest of the luncheon, Caden kept on hiding his hands....the one with his prized "tattoo"

Soon all of us were strapped with the Crab Factory's bib....the kids were not very pleased with this but seeing that their parents had to do the same, made them happier. And before the food could arrive.....a few bibs were already R.I.P.

I tell u boys will be boys....sigh...

Huge New Zealand Mussels cooked in Zesty Lemon Pepper sauce. Succulent and juicy minus the muddy smell and taste. So the source is very important. It was cooked just nice hence the texture was great!!! Afterall New Zealand is the world largest green mussels producer.

Kids are so drawn to colors, the orangie ones were snapped up like hot cakes. Orange colored mussels meat are matured female mussels. While the white ones are Males and immature female mussels.

I prefer the white one but most ppl attested to it that the orange ones are tastier and creamier. But I find that the texture is less interesting. One thing bout cooking mussels though is they must be ALIVE before u cook them....

All the chosen seafood and side kicks are cooked in FDA approved plastic bags to seal in all of its jus and flavours. When they next bag came out pipping hot....all eyes were on it.

Not that it's interesting...but it was so UNINTERESTING
Prince C: "which potato head ordered this bag of potato????"
everyone luffed to the dismay of the "owner" Brian....he had a rather sheepish looks bcoz he loves potatoes and corn.

We dug into this bag and found Brian did not just ordered a bag of POTATOES but some high quality japanese snails. Hahahahaha very yummy and delicious. Not your regular snails though. They were still alive and sucking onto the wall of the glass tank when we ordered them. This bag of potatoes....I mean Japanese Snails with sidekicks of potatoes and corns were cooked in Garlicky Buttery...extremely yummy. Soon father mother brothers auntie uncle all were fighting for this bag of potatoes.

dearie Brian also ordered more potatoes.....House Fried Potato Wedges served with some dashes of garlic powder here n there....this boy really loves his potatoes and GARLIC....not only we could kill vampires with our smellie breathe after this meal....but our neighbours too!!! kekekekeke

This was my favourite....
Yabbies or known as crawfish cooked in their famous signature spicy southern bang sauce....with a sidekick of enoki mushrooms. Super the yums.

Different part of the world refer to this crustacean differently...it could be mudbugs, crawdads or cray-fish. Louisiana produces 90% of the world's yabbies....and believe it or not 70% are consumed locally over there. Shocking!!!

The kids oso have their share of non-spicy yabbies cooked in ........guess wat....garlic butter again!!! hahahahaha. See I told ya we gonna kill vampires after this.

Yabbies are freshwater crustaceans found in streams and brooks. Their main diet are dead and alive animals....eeeuuuwwww!!!!!! and finally when there's nothing else to eat...it's plants. I think next time I'll stick to mussels which feed on planktons.

Bags and bags of food!!!!! to the galore of the kids~~~~~

all the juices fr the cooked shellfish were not wasted....just mop them with bread!!! they sell baguette here so u could order it separately.
Cajun House Fried Baby Squids was extremely fresh and yummy. Lurve it!!!! Yea a Southern meal isn't complete without those Fry-Fried dishes. They even have Southern Fried Chicken Wings.

He's the lucky one coz both mother and father were bz peeling and de-shelling for this baby.

Notice how clean JS's spot was?!??!!??!?!
He's not really a fan of shellfish, but he was happy to tag along.

The concept here is casual dining where u could spend quality merry jolly happy time with your family and friends, digging in yummy honest food and drinks.

I like the deco here, simple and understated. When we arrived, we were the first one....soon into 30 minutes, the place was packed to the brim. The only down side is this lot isn't that spacious, so u might need to sit very close to each other and other diners as well.

Finally left the 2 champions to finish up the rest of the crustaceans. Luckily the potatoes were gone coz I'm definitely not a fan of potatoes!!! ahahahaha

Judging from the pic, u kinda knew who ate the most!!!! hehehehehehe

Caden and Tremain were wondering when are we gonna have ice creams!!!
Sorry kids!!! don't think this place have got desserts yo~~~~ sorry I forgot to tell you before we came...nyek nyek nyek.

Don't worry ur dad and mom will take u boys somewhere else for desserts :))) after all we are at the vicinity of SS2 and there's plenty to chomp chomp and nom nom.

Louisiana Crab Factory
21, Jalan SS 2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 603 7865 5850
*Close on Tuesdays*

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