Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Shoes Galore

Gianvito Rossi....the son of the more famed shoe designer Sergio Rossi is charting his own fame with his funky designs at every Fashion Week in Milan ever since 2007. Hey that's pretty young for a brand u know? And over the course of a few years he has garnered more and more followers and clientele esp from Hollywood. Seen on red carpets and movies's such a novelty to own a pair.

Thing much as funky and bespoke they are....Monkey can't carry such dainty heels

it's too dainty and mini and lady-like for Miss Monkey
I cute and pretty right?

Somehow I found a pair that suits me :)))))))))
something more subtle in Italian Lace :))))))))

Look at the detailing on the back with small pretty bows

*staring at my shoes-robe*
and yes I don't have anything this lady-like nor in lace. YET.
Shall I Shall I Shall I?????

yes I should but it cost SGD 1,160 a pair...say about RM 2,900
-_-" sigh.....TSK!!

Monkey bought 4 pairs of shoes in Paris a few months ago....
3 pairs of D&G and one from Ferragamo. The Ferragamo pair looked so tiny but all four are in size 36. Weird huh? Maybe coz it's only half the height of the rest?

Patent leather is so much easier to maintain. Esp with SHOES!!!! The lilac pair was a high maintenance one bcoz it's a weaved fabric material. ARGHHH. Oh well wat to do, when u see it and fall in's like u'll never part ways with it *except parting money*

sigh....ok no more shoes shopping. I gotta limit my purchase. And to limit it, I gotta stop browsing for the latest offerings, stop reading newsletters sent to me, stop attending fashion events....but again part of it is my job. Dangerous. Perhaps I should relegate to a deskbound boring low paying job.

oh well the grass is alwiz greener on the other side so stop complaining and be thankful. and yes I DO WORK HARD. VERY HARD. aaaahhhhh and to reward myself...more shoes. Oh dang!!!! *smack my head* this isn't goin anywhere...

To read more about Gianvito Rossi visit:

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