Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drowned in my own lil world

I yummy....
the facial structure and proportion of his body is just perfect for print work. There's many types of models out there...those that can strut the runway like J.Alexander or those with just a pretty face for print works. In this case, we needed a good body structure for a black and white shoot.

so no makeup and hair, no apparels...oh save so much of work. To any stylists out there, running around from boutique to boutique selecting/picking apparels and shoes for any shoot is a nightmare. It's a one helluva paperwork and leg-work process.

and yes I know...the timepiece looked so good on him...I can't decide which is better now. Both were oozing with testosterone.

Despite the manicured structured jawline and face, stylist was only interested on body structure, so it was shot this way to accentuate the masculinity of the timepiece...hahahaha. We are selling watches here not human.

while every single male and female in the studio were so drawn to the model, rubbing baby oil onto his body to reflect the muscles and watever, Monkey was drooling at other things.

"Is that a Hasselblad?????" eyes wide opened
Photographer: *rolled his eyes*...."It's HA-sseerrrll -blaad darling....not hayserblad"

okie...dun get so upset and emotion over it.
oh well when it's the rolls royce of camera maybe they would. Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld uses THIS baby to shoot all his advertising campaign.

to further irk him off, Monkey asked soo many damn questions on its lens, functionality, quality and print works.
"Can i touch it??? PLEASEEEEEE...."
after molesting his camera....
"Can i have a pic of it??? PLEASE?????"
no response

I can be persistent...sometimes very very very persistent.
a camera of a few hundred thousands really worth the trouble and worth upsetting its owner. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

Then at another photoshoot yesterday....Minnie Winnie and Monkey was wearing the same shade of colors....oh well it was a coincidence. Not like we gonna attend some events or wat...but she was :))) the ever Miss happenings of beauty pageant.
and we found a file cabinet in the same tone....and a camping lamp of the exact color. Stylist and photographer were asking if its our fav color..but hello this is your studio not ours? just that we were so bored and messed around the Huge Space.

judging from my posting this week, u roughly have a brief idea how stucked I am with work. It's terrible beyond words, and no's really putting a lot of pressure onto my health. Nevertheless I am still having fun at my work, despite it all.

oh well, My housemate aka Mr. JS taught me, your job is as interesting as u make it. Which is so so so true. Just like you chart your own course of direction and territory. Make your life happen my dear readers....:))))))))))


neil said...

Haha, I LOVE that photo of you, your friend, the cabinet, and the lamp, all in matching colours!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

god.. .that first photo says it all... you shld be a photographer!

foodie said...

Must be exciting to be a stylist, I've always loved the idea of it! I came across your blog after searching for chanel on google, I'm definately bookmarking!

Sparks In Spring

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: yeah it was such a coincidence that to find so many things in that color and we could not resist not to cam-whore.

Food Dreams: hahaha TQ but if I am photographer then that would put JS outta his job to contribute to this blog :))

Sparks in Spring: Pretty blog u have there and thank you for dropping by. Unfortunately I am not a stylist but it would be a great profession for anyone with an eye for detail :)