Tuesday, October 08, 2013

National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine, Taipei

Shining reflective helmet with blue blue sky and puffy clouds moved across the sky. we arrived wondering if this gonna be another changing of guards display like wat we have saw at other cities.

as usual, guards will not smile for the camera....

we arrived just on time.....for the hourly changing of guards at National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine. Built in 1969 as a memorial of the all the Taiwanese that periled during the numerous Wars and Revolutions. It housed 390,000 spirit tablets of the deceased. :"(( So it's really a sad place, and served to remember that Wars/Revolutions have got a really big price to pay.

as usual, we were being notti and peeking *and tried to poke* the honor guard

wahhhh spanking clean and neat shoes!!! look at the shoe lace!!!! I can't even tie any shit ribbon on myself, let's not mention shoe lace.

the emblem and belt is so neat
the uniform was crease-less
such discipline :)))))

JS is so mesmerised with weapons, all the time. Since he couldn't carry one for work/profession, he turn his passion into activities that require one....such as cooking and hunting. In fact JS has got weapons & guns for his hunting activities but then again that part of his hobby I don't really participate.

One day
"When u were young, wat were your ambitions???"
JS: "I wanted to join the army....to be precise...the Navy."
Monkey >.<

I am sure u will make a fierce and awesome Admiral of your fleet. Prollie that's why he's been treating his staffs like his lieutenants, ship of the line captains and naval officers. Ask his staffs and u'll know wat I mean....Terry the Terrorizer.

Soon the march begun, with the higher ranking officer leading the young guards. It's an honor to be in the army in Taiwan and every male born in this country will undergo the conscription for 2 years....yes freaking 2 years!!!

our neighbours Singapore and Thailand have got national service for their male citizens. So is Malaysia *which is of 3 months*. Oh well they can extend it to 2 years if the course and programme is relevant and with purpose. Not as another avenue to "earn" money

the discipline, expressionless faces and precision were truly admired here.
The higher ranking officer is so funny!!! he did this puffer fish face all the time. Maybe it helped him to breathe better under the hot sun.

We kinda like the young chap on the left. He's kinda photogenic, hopefully someone will spot him and cast him to be in movies production. Hahahahaha.

the march was kind of long from the gate to the shrine. The precision was breathless, with a definite angles and steps, rhythm and passion. There wasn't any verbal communication, only the sounds of their stern hard soles hitting the ground. It's so hard, even the ground has got darkened marks made by their soles.

As the honor guards marched towards the beautiful shrine at the other end, Monkey took opportunity to cam-whore for a bit.

Quick, they are on their way back again!!!!!

Step one two three, turn and lift, up and down
step another time two three and turn to your right, lift your guns, turn your guns to the other side, drop it...move it to the side, and step and turn to your left, lift your guns again. Sync it from left to right and one more time from right to the left. And turn and step and lift ur guns again, point to the air and drop it and turn to your right, and left one two three.

oh well just my imagination coz again there wasn't any verbal communication and they did every step so precise and right.

the choreographing involved too many steps. Even Lady Gaga will kow-tow low to these guards. It was really a sight to behold on their precision and discipline.

and finally when it's all done, and guards were exchanged....the NEW guard will climb gracefully in sync with the other one up the platform.....re-positioned themselves, dropped their weapons in sync with each other, just like a mirror image.......relaxed their arms and shoulders, and finally he remembered to breathe......and continued to stay still for 60 minutes b4 he will be replaced with his fellow colleagues.

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Food Dreams said...

wow... great shots leh... so mesmerizing! Particularly love the 1st photo and the one with front view of the guards marching...